My mom and dad just got married. They had two kids, my two older brothers. For them life was going great just liked they wanted it do be. It was easy and simple, but they didn’t know that their life was going to change completely.

My dad decided that he wanted my mom and my two brothers to move to America. At that time my brother were too young to understand what was happening. My mom on the other hand was terrified. She didn’t want to leave her family and leave the country she grew up in and lived her whole life. She finally agreed with my dad. My dad wanted my brothers to have a better education and living style so they can be something in when they grow up.

This story may not seem like a big journey like other people's ancestors have been through. My parents just bought tickets and took an airplane to the United States, but for my parents it was a very big deal. Luckily for my mom and dad my uncle lived in the America. It still wasn’t easy for them coming to a different country. My dad couldn’t even talk or understand English but my mom could talk a little bit, but she didn’t know that much though. My parents lived with my uncle for a little while. It was hard for my dad to find a job but eventually they did. My mom just stayed home and took care of my two brothers.

Another situation came along. When I was born there wasn’t that much room for us all to live in one house. So my dad decided we had to move in a separate home. He found an apartment. It wasn’t the best but for that time it was the only place they could find that they could afford.

For some reason it was really hard for my mom to adjust to the change. The way people dressed, talked, and the weather everything was different than Pakistan. Pakistan is a very hot country it is kind of near the equator. In the winter time in America it was really hard for my parents because in Pakistan it never snows.

At that time my parents did not have a car so they had to take the bus everywhere they went or they walked. It was very hard for mom to take two toddlers and an infant in a bus but she managed somehow.

My parents been throught so much just to give me and my brothers a good education. They didn’t even go back to Pakistan just to visit after nine years because they didn’t have that much money, they saved it up for other things that were more important. My parents did so much for me and my siblings, now we live in a nice house and were all doing good. If it wasn’t for them I would probably be in Pakistan, which is a nice place to visit but I couldn’t picture myself living there.

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