Aki is the third Prince of Hyoukai, and the second youngest son of the Emperor. Aki is the least seen Prince, and has only been seen in two story arcs so far.


Aki is a small, relitavley young looking male, with pale white skin. He has hooded eyes, giving him a permanently tired expression, which reflects his nonchalant personality. He has shoulder length black hair, which he can often be seen messing up with his hands.

His mecha is similarily white, and trimmed in gold. However, in later chapters, it has a black trim instead, and also has black spiral patterns on i's body.


Aki is a nonchalant individual, and rarely shows emotion. He is depicted as being uncaring, and to a certain extent, bored most of the time. He is also seen as very smart and cunning, and quickly grasps information.


Invasion Arc

Aki is first seen in the Invasion Arc, when he stops Fuyu torturing ? He then departs, taking ? away to the Imperial Palace.

After ? defeats Kyuuka and proceeds towards the palacem Aki appears and blocks his entry. ? chrages Aki, but Aki dispatches him in one swift sword strike. Aki departs as ? is taken away by the Imperial Guard.

Lost Princes Arc

Aki is dispatched to eliminate the Lost Princes. He is consistently late, blaiming his absenses on paperwork, and is not seen until the end of the arc, where he fights Goray, Tugarath and Gadalung. He puts up a good fight, but retreats, though only after seriously crippling each of his opponents mecha. He leaves the final battle to ?

Powers and Abilities

Although Hazumi and Kyuuka claim to be the strongest of the princes, Aki demonstartes his superior strenght numerous times. First of all, ? beats Kyuuka, and Aki proceeds to eliminate ? in one move. He then takes on three of the Lost Princes at once, where his brothers had each been defeated in either one-on-one, or two-on-one combat.

Princes of Hyoukai
Hazumi - Kyuuka - Aki - Fuyu

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