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General Status

Name: Akiro Kitsune

Age: Unknown

Status: Demon (Immortal)

Species: Fox Demon

Position: Antagonist

In the story

First appearance: Chapter 6

Last appearance: ???

Apprentice: Sasha

Friends: Unknown

Enemies: Nami Okami, Yoshiki Kazeda, Basically all shinobi

Love?: Unknown

Close Family: Deceased

Clan: Kitsune, the clan of foxes

Clan Status: Deceased except for Yukimeku

Behind the Name


-Edit of the name "Akira"


-Means fox

Important achievements

  • Destroyed the Tundra Okami clan
    • Also tried to destroy the Desert Okami clan, but failed due them having been warned by Nami Okami.
  • Killed Mizu and later, Nami
  • Basically causes disaster everywhere

The legend of the Blood Kanji

When the nine tails demon (Akiro) kills a person, another blood kanji will appear on their skin and stain them with the blood of another living being forever. The kanji are the names of the people he killed. The legend says their souls will haunt the nine tails forever. When each of the nine tail's nine tails are covered in kanji, the ultimate nine tails demon will awaken. This demon has the power to destroy the entire space time curriculum.

The legend goes on to describe how five heroes, one for each of the elements (water, fire, wind, leaf, electric) will rise up against him but fail. However, they guide five new heroes, the reincarnations of themselves, into war against him. The legend ends there, giving no final outcome.


Akiro was the leader of a special attack squad during a civil war long ago. He was proud of his position. However, he was getting extremely powerful- too powerful to control.

He accidentally destroyed part of his village in a fight with his commander over backing out of the war. Akiro wanted to keep fighting.

He was banished from the village. In an angry rage, he gave up his body to a demon- the nine tails. From then on, the real Akiro ceased to exist.

This is all that is known. Some information may not be correct...

Random stuff

Favorite food: You don't want to know...

Least favorite food: Ramen

Favorite book genre: Doesn't read books.

Favorite music genre: Doesn't listen to music.

Languages: Japanese; English

Fluent in English?: Yes

Demon Forms Unlocked

Human: --

Normal: --

True: Yes

Full: Yes

Ultimate: On the full moon

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