Akjan Corde was born and raised by his Mother, Mari Corde. He initially didn't know his father, but lived a life of relative safety and luxury on Corellia. His Mother would often leave him with the next door neighbour - Brass Vannigan. Vannigan (as he preferred to be called) had been an Imperial Commando, and as such, had been taught a specific amount of combat ability. His stories would fascinate Akjan, and eventually the young child pestered the combat hardened veteren into training him.

Every time Akjan visited the neighbour, the pair worked on combat training; wielding a weapon, utilising various weaponry in different situations, the art of subterfuge, the art of espionage and the art of sabotage. Akjan spent his teenage years becoming an effective weapon.

Eventually, Vannigan almost replaced the figure of a father. However, Akjan one day returned home from his place at school to find both the mother and Vannigan dead - Akjan suspected that Vannigan had died attempted to protect his Mother. The room was destroyed; tables and chairs were broken everywhere. Akjan took little comfort in the amount of blood around that didn't seem to belong to either Vannigan or his mother, indicating a fairly costly battle for the attackers.

In his mother's cold dead left hand, Akjan found a holodisc. Pressing the commence button lightly, a holojournal sprang up, explaining that his father was in fact the recently elected Supreme Chancellor - Lenan Miader. It then went onto say that this Lenan wasn't all he seemed; that he also used to be one of the Galaxies best known Bounty Hunters.

The journal continued, explaining that this planet was no longer safe. Vannigan had - in fact - been his Mother's bodyguard protecting something that was more precious to her than anything else. The holojournal went onto say that Commenor was no longer safe for Akjan; that he was to take the holojournal to his Father, and seek refuge from him.

Akjan was taken aback. His initial feeling was to totally ignore his mother's last wishes; why should he go crawling to a father he had never even spoken to before?

But a part of him almost cried out at the challenge. His ego would not let the opportunity of being able to test his skills against the Supreme Chancellor and his entourage out.

A week later, Akjan found himself on Coruscant, scanning over the Chancellor's suite in the exclusive Tower Apartments near the Senatorial Chambers. The Commando-trained Akjan had noted the position of all the employees, and found one weak spot. Right on the roof of the Chancellor's suite.

Using a grav-chute to launch from a passing over taxi-speeder, the young Commando landed softly on top of the building, and began searing a hole in a grate that would allow him entrance.

Slipping down into the room, Akjan slipped next to the Chancellor's bedchamber, and held a vibro-blade to the sleeping figure of the Chancellor in his bed. "Wakey-wakey, Chancellor" spoke the triumphant Akjan, softly so as not to avert attention to his presence. "Or should I say..."

Before he could finish that sentence, the youngster felt a sharp prod in the small of his back, and flinched from the pain. "Oh please" muttered an aged voice. "You're either seeking a very long time in jail" hypothesised the person who Akjan now assumed to be Lenan, "Or you have a legitimate reason for being here".

"I have a reason" said Akjan. Lenan pressed the blade into his back again, so as to press home the need for him to explain himself. He simply held out his hand, and clicked the activator. Immediatly, Mari Corde's image lept to life, and Lenan lowered his weapon almost immediatly.

Watching the entire video, Lenan was forced to take a seat. It was all a bit too much for him. And while Akjan seemed to sulk over being beaten - the fact that he had just established contact with his father seemingly slipping his mind - Lenan knew that his life had changed irreversibly.

Akjan and Lenan spent time getting to know each other, and Akjan was awed by Lenan's stories of Bounty Hunting. Just as he had done with Vannigan, Akjan eventually persuaded Lenan to train him in the ways of Bounty Hunting. But Lenan - seeing an opportunity - agreed on the premise that he did him a few jobs in exchange for the training.

Akjan now continues his life as a Bounty Hunter-cum-Republic Agent. He continually matches himself to his father's yard stick, and while he knows the standards are high, he believes - perhaps foolishly - that he excels in almost everything he does. His headstrong nature has gotten him in trouble that the veteren Miader has had to help out with under the alias Diblomantis Carber - an alias Lenan had used when working for a group of particularly unsavoury characters.

Akjan is so far unaware of his father's assistance, and is very proud of his 100% record, despite having only completed four bounty missions, two of which with the assistance of Diblomantis Carber.

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