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The Akodo are the nobility of the Lions. While they are no longer its ruling family (once disbanded by Imperial decree and since reformed), they are the true guiding hand behind its armies.


When the first Emperor, Hantei, brought the clans together, he chose Lord Akodo to receive the wisdom of Bushido, the Way of the Warrior. Akodo in turn instilled the Seven Virtues into the minds and hearts of his armies. The mercy and honor that these soldiers would demonstrate, even to hated enemies, impressed the other clans, who adopted this code for their own armies. The only exception was the Scorpion clan, who believed that close ties to one's own people were more important to Bushido, and this code of honor would conflict with their role as the people who did the dirty work.

While the Lions were displeased with the Scorpions' refusal to take this oath of honor, they waved it away as a cultural conflict until centuries later, when a duel between Yojimbo Bayushi Hisao and Yojimbo Matsu Kenta turned deadly: Kenta was defeated, and yielded to Hisao, requesting mercy. Hisao stated, "Wars are not won with mercy," before beheading Kenta. The Matsu family, enraged at the death of their favored warrior, entreated Lord Akodo Michio for justice, and he responded by declaring war on the Bayushi family. The other families of the Scorpion clan moved to defend their ruling family>

Current Role

Prominent Individuals

Lord Akodo Kaoru, the current Daimyo

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