Al Valentine is the main protagonist appearing in Hoop-a-Joop. He has brown hair and black eyes. His main outfit is composed of: a brown shirt with yellow long sleeves, gray jeans and green shoes. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. At his age, he is 12 years old. At his prom dance with Mel in the episode May I Have This Dance?, his outfit is composed of: a black long sleeved tuxedo, black pants and black shoes. At his romantic date with Cleary in the episode Al's Cupid Discovery, his outfit is composed of: the same tuxedo worn in his prom. At his romantic dance with Jodelle, his outfit is composed of: the same tuxedo he wears. While ice dancing with Jodelle, his ice skater outfit is composed of: a blue long sleeved ice skating suit, black pants and white skates. While dancing at the beach with Mel in the episode: Stranded On The Desert, his outfit is composed of: a.


  • Amanda Valentine (Mother)
  • Donald Valentine (Father)
  • Jim Valentine (Younger Brother)
  • Jamie Valentine (Older Sister)
  • Jodelle Kaye (Love Interest)


  1. Being cool to Jodelle
  2. Helping Jamie get her feet rubbed
  3. Admiring other stuff


  1. His rivalry with Sean
  2. Doing bad work
  3. Getting suspended

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