Aladar's Adventures of The Secret of NIMH is the fourth upcoming Dinosaur/Don Bluth film which is planned to be re-edited by Yru17. It will appear on Vimeo in the near future.


Aladar and his family (along with Fievel, Kermit, and their friends) went on a journey to meet Mrs. Brisby, who lost her husband and had kids. On this adventure in the Rose Bush, they meet Justin, who tells Mrs. Brisby about NIMH coming to the farm, and face to face with evil Jenner, whom Cat R. Waul and the Bowser family work for, to rescue Mrs. Brisby's family.


  • Fievel Mousekewitz, Tiger, Tony Toponi, Tanya Mousekewitz, Yasha Mousekewitz, Papa Mousekewitz, Mama Mousekewitz, The Muppets (Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, The Great Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Rowlf the Dog, Scooter, The Eletric Mayhem, and Rizzo the Rat), Cat R. Waul, Bowser, Mistress Nine, Bowser Jr., and Ranamon guest star in this film.
  • Like BrerDanielMovie93's film Pooh's Adventures of The Secret of NIMH, this will be an NTSC film with NTSC bits from Dinosaur, An American Tail films, and The Muppets films.
  • Both Tiger and Jeremy were voiced by the late Dom DeLuise.
  • Both An American Tail and The Secret of NIMH were directed by Don Bluth.

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