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Aladdin/An American Tail is Parody with Aladdin Clips and An American Tail Sounds

  • Princess Jasmine as Mama Mousekewitz
  • Genie as Papa Mousekewitz
  • Cinderella [from Cinderella] as Tanya Mousekewitz
  • Abu as Fievel Mousekewitz
  • Goofy [from Goofy] as Henri
  • Jafar as Warren T. Rat
  • Iago as Digit
  • Jim Dear [from Lady and the Tramp] as Moe
  • Aladdin as Tony Toponi
  • Lady [from Lady and the Tramp] as Bridget
  • Donald Duck [from Mickey Mouse] as Honest John
  • Alice [from Alice in Wonderland] as Gussie Mausheimer
  • Sleepy [from Snow White] as Tiger

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