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  • Princess Jasmine as Tilly
  • Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) as Georgia
  • Prince Charming (from Snow White) as Doc
  • Humbert the Huntsman (from Snow White) as Farnsworth
  • The Sultan as Pete
  • Scrooge McDuck (from Mickey Mouse) as Jebediah
  • Aladdin as Chip
  • Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse) as Tower
  • The Genie as Rollo The Clown
  • The Evil Queen (from Snow White) as Grumpella
  • Pluto (from Mickey Mouse) as Chippers
  • Mowgli (from The Jungle Book) as Perky
  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Stretch
  • Peter Pan (from Peter Pan) as Handy Pandy
  • Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh) as Missy
  • Abu as Eric
  • Winifred (from The Jungle Book) as Jill
  • Jafar as The Big Wolf
  • Goofy (from Mickey Mouse) as The Little Wolf
  • Iago as The Eagle
  • Saluk as The Voice Inside The Cave

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