One night, Razoul is planning to kill Aladdin with poisoned bread. “The street rat will never marry Princess Jasmine,” said Razoul. “He will eat half of the bread and he’ll fall asleep.” Razoul set off immediately.

Aladdin and Jasmine were having a baby. The genie was excited. The Sultan and Aladdin’s father were excited as well. “You are now the Sultan and the Queen,” said the Sultan. Abu, Iago and the magic Carpet were excited that Aladdin and jasmine were now Sultan and Queen. The Genie turned into Count Duckula, then he turned back into himself.

Just then the lady arrived at the palace. “Hello, Aladdin,” said the kind lady, “would you like my baked bread?”

“Yes please,” said Aladdin.

So he ate half of the bread. But he felt strange and fell asleep. The lady took Aladdin outside. But it wasn’t really the lady, it was in Razoul in disguise! “Alright, street rat,” said Razoul, “come with me to the Society dungeons.

“No, Razoul,” said Aladdin, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Jasmine and I are having a baby and I…”

But Razoul grabbed Aladdin and pointed at him with a sword. “You have taken over the Sultan’s palace, Jasmine is so sad to see you again and the Genie will never save you now.” Razoul took Aladdin to the Society lady and told her what he had done. The Society guards took Aladdin to the dungeon.

“Hello,” said the dungeon-keeper. “I heard you had taken over the Sultan’s palace, street rat. You must stay in the dungeon where you can steal things.”

Aladdin was so sad from missing Jasmine and all his other friends. The next day the other teenagers came to the dungeon. They were very nasty indeed. “Hi!” shouted one of the other teenagers. “I’m Gold.”

“Hello, Gold,” said Aladdin. “Let’s steal things together.”

“Good idea, Aladdin,” said Gold.

They had fun stealing things.

The teenage girl who was not very nasty was beautiful. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Pink and I want to marry you.”

“I’m sorry, Pink,” said Aladdin. “I can’t marry you, I already marry Jasmine.” “Oh don’t be so angry,” Said Pink, “I was only trying to ask you, You know what, I think you’re handsome.”

Aladdin finally agreed with excitement. “Oh boy, I’m handsome! I’m handsome! I’m handsome!” Cried Aladdin.

“Look, Razoul,” Said The sultan, “He’s jumping up because he’s got a new girlfriend.” “Quite right, Your majesty.” Said Razoul tricking The sultan. “I’m handsome! I’m handsome!

I’m handsome!” But then he stopped jumping because of The dungeon-keeper. “You jumped up with a powerful spell.” Said The dungeon-keeper. “Hey, Aladdin!” Said Gold, “Let’s fight together.” “Good idea, Gold,” Said Aladdin. They were having fun fighting eachother. But then, Aladdin saw the poisoned bread again that Razoul had left for him. Aladdin ate the half of the bread and then he fell asleep again. Gold ate the half of the bread and fell asleep as well. “Oh Help!” Cried Gold. The dungeon-keeper ate the half of the bread and fell asleep too. “I need water.” Cried The dungeon-keeper. “Razoul,” Said The sultan angrily, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Alright, You nasty street rats,” Said The dungeon-keeper, “You must come with me to the other dungeon. Not for you, Aladdin, You should stay in here where you belong.” Aladdin had been very nasty to give Gold and The dungeon-keeper the poisoned bread. What a nasty boy he had been! Will The genie save Aladdin and his new girlfriend, Pink on time or Will Razoul turn into the evil genie and get rid of them? Find out in part 2 of Aladdin and Razoul.

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