Aladdin and the cave of cheeseburgers/TUGS is a parody with Aladdin and the cave of cheeseburgers pictures and Tugs sounds.

The cast:

  • Aladdin as Ten cents
  • Jabu as Sunshine
  • Sa'luk from aladdin and the king of thiefs as Hercules
  • The genie as Big mac
  • The salten as Warrior
  • The man as Top hat
  • Jaffacake in desguise as OJ
  • Baloo from the jungle book as Captain star
  • Jaffacake as Zorran
  • The cave of cheeseburgers as Zebedee
  • The angry apple seller as Zak
  • Jaffacake's bird as Zip
  • Razeem as Zug
  • Shere Khan from the jungle book as Captain zero
  • Apple as Fire Cheif

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