Bastard Greyhawk character
Gender Male
Race Elorian elf
Born 539 CY
Died N/A
Class Ranger
Alignment Chaotic Good

Aladrin is an elven ranger from Elor, an elven realm located on the otherworldly continent of Daethnak. Aladrin was a longtime member of the Flamebringers.

Aladrin was portrayed by Joe Jaggers.


Aladrin stands 5', 4" tall, and weighs about 135 lbs. He has long, straight, black hair, blue eyes, and a well-cared-for beard. He wields a pair of twin short swords named Glipidel and Dlipidel.


Aladrin has forged lasting friendships with many of his fellow Flamebringers, and has been romantically linked to Iladrina.


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