{{character infobox |image =Alaina Kane.png |age =18 |gender =Female |portrayer =Alaina Kane[1] |family =Holly (Sister)
Janet (mother)
Joe (father))
Nicole (friend)
Judy (aunt)
Steve (uncle)
Jordon (cousin))
Taryn (cousin)
Nannie (grandmother)
Papa (grandfather)
Lindsay (teacher)
Xavier (friend)
Khaled(friend) |imagesize = 210px|character name = Alaina Kane |hair = Dark Brown
Dark brown |residence = Mississauga (formerly),
56 Shadeland Court House, Cambridge Alaina Kane is Holly's sister.


She can understand what Nicole, Xavier and Khaled say and is friends with them. She can walk and says she likes being on the ground. She plays a few notes on piano. She can wave and say "hello" and put together two-piece animal puzzles. She enjoys pulling Holly's finger, thus making her burp. She make a quilt that Lindsay's friends contributed to make. Janet and Holly gets annoyed by all her movie talk and voices in Alaina's head. She was getting ready to stand up on her own.






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