Alana's room

  • Alana's teacher: [walking in the hallway, opens the door, then she closes the door] Good morning, class. Today, is math. Jacob, what is 6 + 6?
  • Jacob: 12.
  • Alana's teahcer: Correct! You get a sticker later on! Alana, what is 12 x 12?
  • Alana: Um.... 9,0000.
  • Alana's teacher: That's incorrect! Shoot dang gone it. (sighs) Oh, shit! Darn it, Alana. Why didn't you correct the answer, you dumbass? That correct answer is 144. That's it. Go to Allen's office, now!
  • Alana: But why?
  • Alana's teacher: (loudly furious) GO THERE NOW! (louder anrgily furious) ON THE DOUBLE!!!! [The students flows away & desks too when Alana's teacher getting furious, Alana is crying and running in the hallway, Allen is sitting & being mad]
  • Allen: So, Alana. Why are you here? You better not be in trouble. If you know, you'll be expelled forever.
  • Alana: (crying) I incorrected the math answer. 12 x 12 = 9,000, but it was 144. Please forgive me.
  • Allen: Alana, this has got to be the worst thing you ever done. I gave you tons of chances. But, they're broken by the school district. I'm not doing the hyper explusion. I'm doing the foreverness explusion. Do you have the district's mind to bun your mind?
  • Alana: Yes, I did.
  • Allen: You are expelled hyperly from this school severly. You'll get a almost dark gray card. It means your in MEGA ULTRA HYPER BIGGEST GANTEST LONGER DEAD MEAT!
  • Alana: But your parents are gonna kill me for this.
  • Allen: I'm so sorry, Alana. Rules are the rules. Now, get out!

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