Spoilers: Alana's existence is mentioned before, but her first real appearance is in The Trouble with Trolls


AKA: Lady Alana, Princess Alana.

Age: ~300

Looks: 6'6" tall, royal blue hair, high bare forehead, fangs. Half troll, quarter elf, quarter demon.

Character: Assertive, brilliant, imperious. Very tough lady, duty-bound - to Trondheim.

Special skills: Superb skier. Powerful earth majutsu. Can use pheromones to make males of troll ancestry docile and happy (but usually doesn't). Troll shaman.

Family: Only daughter of the last Queen of Trondheim (deceased) and her warlord (killed in battle).

The name "von Trondheim" didn't exist in Alana's childhood. To end the Great Troll and Goblin War, the twenty-fifth Maou (the one before Cecilie), made Trondheim the tenth domain of Shin Makoku. He appointed Alana's older brother Lord Trondheim, thus creating the "von Trondheim" aristocrats to replace the old royal family.

They married Alana off to Friedrich von Bielenfeld, with an unbreakable marriage contract, in effect until both they and all their children are dead. This contract made Bielenfeld responsible for Trondheim's good behavior.

Friedrich was ~550. Alana was only 65 (~human 15-year-old).

Friedrich and Alana had one son, Aldrich von Trondheim von Bielenfeld. The day he was born, Alana returned home to Trondheim, where she took up her duties as co-ruler with her brother. Aldrich traveled back and forth between the domains, to be raised in both royal families.

Alana is on her third co-ruler by ToT, Erick von Trondheim, her great-nephew via Franklin. Alana's female heir is not apparent, since the family disowned her niece Ilya, and her great-niece Vedanya is marrying into Gratz. She still has hopes Friedrich or Aldrich will give her a daughter to raise as her heir.

Stories: The Trouble with Trolls, The Ghosts of Trondheim.

The Trouble with Trolls

half year after Date, sixth year after BoW

  • Alana is essentially Chancellor of Trondheim - Erick's equivalent of Yuuri's Gwendal.
  • Alana attends the Racial Accords conference with Troll Mother.
  • They judge the males, to decide the most worthy to Call the dead at the Midsummer dance.
  • Alana persuades her husband to come to Trondheim to do medical research, to find a way for high-troll-blood women to mate with low-troll-blood males, without it being fatal to the male. So, for the first time since Alana was an adolescent, the couple will live together.

The Ghosts of Trondheim

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