[b]Surname:[/b] Sai [b]Given Name:[/b] Albany [b]Known Aliases:[/b] Cindy [b]Occupation:[/b] Sith Apprentice/Protitute [b]Legal status:[/b] Single [b]Criminal record:[/b] theft [b]Race:[/b] hybrid humanoid cat and Falleen [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Age:[/b] 28 [b]Place of Birth:[/b] Tynna [b]Place of Residence:[/b] Belderone [b]Former Place(s) of Residence:[/b] moved to offen to really call anything home until Belderone [b]Affiliation:[/b] Sith [b]Bounty Licence/Mark Token:[/b] No [b]Weapon(s):[/b] []kago[/link], metal claws besides her own hands, lightsaber [b]Armor:[/b] just clothes

[b]Appearance:[/b] Looks more human with lack of ears, where they are cat ears sitting on the top of her head. Hair is pulled back in the a bun. Her body is slender and small. There also is fine fur that covers her body only stopping around her neck but is covered by her body suit.

[b]Height[/b]: 5' [b]Weight:[/b] 100 [b]Eye Colour:[/b] White irises with heavy black rings around the irises [b]Hair:[/b] White [b]Other Features:[/b] Skin tone is pure white as will and also has cat ears with tail. Her ears and tail are also pure white. Might have a blue tint if she didn't sun bath or warm up her blood, normally tell is that she'll have blue lips. Her back is scars all over.

[b]Clothing:[/b] full black body suit that is polyester she wares all the time, two layers of robes; inner layer robe is white while the outer robe is black and when not waring her robes. Two silver rings rest on her upper arms and wares loose black pants with knee high boots.

[b]Uniform:[/b] . . .

[b]Personality:[/b] It takes a lot to make Albany to drop her smile or to make her angery but a step on her tail she'll be in a killing mood. Very quiet and very polite around people but when on the job she flirts with anything and everyone to gain attention but when done, she drops the person as if she lost her attention with them and acts coldly in return.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] fraternal twin: Alphonse [b]Father:[/b] ??? all is known is that he was a Falleen [b]Mother:[/b] Crystal

[b]History:[/b] Crystal was a young prostitute that made a mistake and ended up having twins, Albany and Alphonse. At first the scared woman try to kill the babies but reasons unknown to the twins their life was spared but not for the torment they had to deal while growing up with their mother. Not once in the twin's life did their mother failed to inform them that they weren't wanted and should be dead. Added to being unloved by their mother, they were tortured by any of the men that their mother brought back home. In one of those times, it broke the twins from their innocents and set off events leading to the death of their mother.

When the twins turn six, Crystal had notice that the twins sat close and not a word was mumbled that Crystal was sure of, then one of the twins burst out laughing. She was afraid the force was at work that her twins where getting telepathy and knew it only worked only when the twins where close but the fear of the force scared her. So Crystal torn them apart into separate parts of the small house for the next two years. Crystal notice the blank stare they would fix on objects or the wall, even when she beat them didn't they show any emotion though they still did scream for mercy. Another year and half Crystal notice that they no long sat close to the wall towards each other and when she thought it was even remotely safe to let them see each other, she did. Crystal had let Alphonse out and notice a blank look on his face but his twin sister was let out of the room, Albany was smiling as if the smile was a cover up the dead feeling inside.

Around the middle of nine years old, Albany and Alphonse acted wild to each other when they saw the other twin. Nearly killing each other but was saved by one of the mens that their mother had brought home. He scruff them good. It wasn't until few months did the Albany went to her brother and try to reach him like she did when they were six. She was careful after being apart from him but she was wondering if it was him that was reaching for her after those three years apart. She had seen images or thoughts that where foreign to her mind and suited him more. Also Albany wonder if he got what she wanted to him to see and think too. Sitting carefully next to him and look at him, Albany smiled bigger. when she looked at her twin she saw in his dead eyes that he did to had heard her thoughts and he was ready for her plan. While waiting for night, they sat in silence until their mother came home with yet another man. When they knew for sure that their mother was busy and taking their time the twins attack, Alphonse killed their mother's partner. Crystal was shock to see her children standing there with swords. When Crystal looked to the side she saw Albany held a plane looking sword until she realized her partner had brought weapons into her house. Before she could scream, Albany killed her mother though poorly in adding more blood every where.

Albany and Alphonse left that world and went on hopping from one place to another. Confusing people because the twins made sure to look like each other and while the person was side track for some reason, the other twin stoled the person blind. So it was hard to say which twin stoled when they looked alike. In one of their attacks, Albany came cross a set of swords, like the ones they used to kill their mother. She had beg Alphonse to help her get the swords, using her brother to get the attention of the drunken man, who did believe Alphonse to be a girl. While that was happening Albany try to steal the swords but ended with getting herself caught and spending time in jail.

When the twins turn 25, Albany was scouting out the next target, she had stumbled upon a Sith and very annoyed Jedi. She wasn't sure what Sith or Jedi where until she came two bickering force users. Albany knew better to cross either and so stay out their way but keeping an eye. She was force to turn her attention away when she felt uneasy. To her horror Albany saw her twin racing for her with two hunters on his tail. Unsure to step forward to help her twin or dive for cover, she froze for a split second before making up her mind. Albany dived for cover and watch her twin tackled to the ground, fighting for his life. She watch as her twin give up the fight and let the people drag him off, Albany sent one last thought to her twin. "How could you screw up?" That day also mark the first time she had cried, just one tear escaped and the first frown too.

Albany brush the tear away and remember what had her attention in the first place but found the force users gone or it was just the Jedi because Albany still felt uneasy when a force user was around. She knew enough that her animal side was reacting to those that can do the force. When she give another look around, she came face to face the the Sith and fought the need to scream that was trying to work itself free. She knew her eyes, tail and ears screamed to the Sith she was scared. Albany had thought she was in the world of pain but was surprised when the Sith give her a cruel looking smiled and just walked away.

For two years she went looking for her brother but got the feeling he wanted nothing more from her. Albany rethought over between her and her twin and decided that she'll find her brother so that she could beat him into the ground. So Albany set out to the Sith stronghold.

[b]Sample Roleplay: [/b] Albany made her way through Bimmel and careful to keep her hood on her head though it was hard to see where the bar that the hunter she had hired told her to go to meet up with him. He had sound smug about something and to bring the rest of his money that she had withheld. Albany had remember when she stated she wasn't going to give all what he wanted, it was insurance of him doing his job and not rob her blind like she did too. It had lead to yelling match only he was the one yelling and him leaving flustered. Where Albany on the other hand was laughing at the man's stupidity. The memory was cut short when she saw the poor looking bar, she made her way in and took an up booth.

Albany watch as one of her cover hands made it's way over to the food she had order only few minutes ago, thoughts ran around her mind in circles and avoided her grasp. She only agreed to the poorly run down bar on the count of information of her twin brother and finally paid off the hunter that she had hired for once and for all. The man was like a thorn in her side and she couldn't wait to pluck him from her side. Albany was will aware of him looking her up and down, it left a bitter feeling in her mouth at the thought of him trying the final price into a one night stand. Quickly Albany band the thought, she'll deal with it when the issue of payment came up but until then, she didn't owe him nothing. She took hold of what looked like bread and ripe off some part into a small size to fit in her mouth.

Few more pieces of her food found their way to her stomach before a filthy man sat down roughly on the sit across Albany. The rude man made a reach for the food and took a good hand size of the food but none of the food made to his mouth. Instead of food to greet him it was pain. He saw Albany had lean forward and took hold of his wrist with her claws digging into his wrist. A scowl made it's way on his face before trying to shake Albany's hand off but in doing that only result in Albany tearing into his flash more.

"Ask." Was all Albany said with her normal smile. She could tell the hunter across from her was debating if he should or just leave so adding more pressure into her holding.

"Thinking of leaving so soon?" She asked polity to the hunter and received a grunt, "I mean after all it was you who told me to come and look. I'm here." Albany knew she was being a bit of a smart ass and aggravated the man across from her but she didn't really care, she was going to get that information one way or another.

"May I have my food?" The hunter grounded out and Albany let go of the poor wrist she took hold of.

"Yes you may but only after you tell me what you learn." Albany couldn't resist saying in a cheerful tone of voice and wasn't disappointed in the growl in return. It only made Albany smile bit more and notice he wasn't going to say a word to her which she was fine with she could wait until the hunter got it. That she was going to wait as long he was until he give her what she wanted. It only took two hours until the hunter finally gave into hunger and finally told her every thing.

"Found that twin of yours." He was watching Albany as she return his stare with a smile.

"His not like what you told me to look for." He glared, "After few runs around and to say his no longer white." Albany blinked, she was aware of the different color their skin takes on with their moods and knew her twin might want to be different then her at some point in life. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the hunter seeking for some food, quickly Albany put an end of the seeking hand.

"Go on." She said with a wave of her hand, the same hand that had strike at the hunter's hand.

The hunter cursed under his breath as he nursed his hand and Albany smirked proudly. "Found the boy had gotten into some stuff and sign for his hunter license and I talked to the boy." He stated and looked Albany right in the eyes. "He has a message for you. . . Drop dead." The hunter said smugly and all Albany did was blink as she thought over the message.

The hunter should have pay attention instead of diving for the food, he would have notice Albany wasn't smiling any more and look of fury in her eyes. Albany lunge over the table and took hold of the hunter's throat with both hands. "You better not be lying hunter." Albany growled under her breath as she strangled the hunter.

The man realize he never seen the pretty kitten get angry, even with all the stuff he had done to her and to say, not once did she drop her smile but in truth he was turn on. Though as much it was a turn on life was important.

"I'm not!" He grasp and trying to get break her hold on his neck. "He told me straight up that he wants nothing to do with you!" He some how manage to say with hardly any air. He watch the colorless irises think over what she should believe him or just kill him. Then he felt hands loosen up but not letting go all the way but enough to let him take a deep breath. He watched Albany lean close until their nose almost touch.

"Your service is no longer needed." Then the smile he had seen her used was back. He realize he breath a sigh of relief to soon because Albany dug her claws into the side of his neck and ripe his neck open. Albany moved off the table and throw the hunter's money to him, "You might need this to pay for your neck." She stated coldly while still smiling and head over to the bar and placing money on the bar when a bartender appeared in front of her. "Just encase he doesn't make it out the door." She said while pointing to the hunter bleeding and trying to head for the door.

Not once did she look at the man as she made her way out of the bar. While walking down the road towards catch a ride off the planet. Thoughts plagued her but one scream the loudest in her mind is to get even. Albany pulled her hood forward to make sure her white skin wasn't showing more then needed. "Get ready my twin." Albany said as she smiled.

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