Alberto Arata
Biographical Information
Age About 800
Birthdate Unknow
Affiliation Vampires
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Team Hero
Family Simone Piccardo (maker)
 ?Dónde está Rosita

Alberto iconic question (in Spanish).

Alberto Arata is one of the main character from Nikipedia.


Early years


Alberto promises to avenge his family's death.

Alberto used to play near the seaside as a child. His father was a Viking chieftain. Although his parents wished that Alberto would choose a wife, he was more interested in enjoying the pleasures of unmarried life. In the winter of 919 A.D. while Alberto was having sex with a servant, werewolves attacked their home. They killed his mother and baby sister and managed to overpower his father, taking his crown. The crown was handed to a cloaked figure who walked off into the snowy night, leaving Alberto to tend to his dying father. Before Alberto's father died, he declared Alberto a king and made him promise to avenge his family.

Eric vik

A wounded Alberto urging his Viking companions to leave him.

In 930 A.D. Alberto was wounded in battle while searching for his father's killer somewhere in Scandinavia. Against his wishes, his Viking companions decided to stay with him. They told Alberto tales of glory and of women waiting for him in Valhalla. During the night, an unseen force murdered his comrades. A mysterious young tattooed boy appeared and introduced himself as "Death" to the dying Alberto. Having seen Alberto's strength on the battlefield, the 400 year old vampire Simone Piccardo offered him immortality through life as a vampire. When Alberto asked what he would get out of it, Simone said "Life". With the lust for life for which he was renowned, Alberto agreed and Simone turned him into a vampire.


Alberto is shown to be calculating yet loyal and generally willing to absolve humans that aggravate him, unless they have grievously crossed him.

Being a calm and methodical individual, Alberto is mostly in control of his emotions. He rarely loses his temper, but has shown a great capacity for violence when pushed. Alberto is unconcerned about being viewed as "the bad guy" merely seeing his actions as a means to an end. He is often secretive and can be somewhat of a trickster, but is honest and direct.

Alberto is confident enough to not think he needs to prove himself. He has a joy of living and a sense of humor uncommon for vampires.

Powers and abilities

Alberto had the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire such as superhuman strength, speed and healing. He had a natural affinity for glamouring. Due to her age, he was much stronger and faster than younger vampires but far weaker than her superiors such as Simone Piccardo and Alberto Marchelli.

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