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AKA: Aldrich is pronounced ALL-drickh.

Rick, Little Ricky, Lord Bielenfeld, Aldrich von Trondheim von Bielenfeld

Age: ~230

Looks: 6'0", blue-blond hair, green eyes. Hunk. Wood nymph - troll - demon - elf.

Character: Highly social. Elusive & paradoxical due to conflicting identities. Motivated by deep moral imperatives, but enjoys laying traps.

Special skills: Salesman, statesman, gardening. Fire healer - with specialty in plant healing. Is male but can also produce seeds.

Family: Truly complicated. Second legitimate son of Friedrich von Bielenfeld, by Alana von Trondheim. Aldrich's brother Wolfgang died 45 years before he was born. Raised with Friedrich's half-sisters Sophie and Phoebe, and Wolfgang's son Wolfred (60, 55, and 45 years older than Aldrich, respectively). Wolfred's son Manfred (Wolfram's father) was 60 years younger. And Aldrich split his time between Bielenfeld and Trondheim, where he was cross-fostered with Franklin von Trondheim's family.

Though thrice related by blood, Aldrich's relationship to Wolfram is best summed up as 'step father and liege lord'.

Taking related as third cousins or closer, Aldrich's related to the rulers of: Bielenfeld, Wincott, Gratz, Trondheim, Spitzweg, Donaghie, Walde, and Weller. The remaining 3 domains, he's found some other way to build close ties to.

Aldrich became heir to Bielenfeld at ~90 when Wolfred died. He became Lord at age ~235 by political maneuvers (not the death of Friedrich) (PW and WTB). It's nearly impossible to summarize Aldrich's political and financial influence. Even while his father still ruled, Aldrich was the dealmaker. His power base is personal - he's helped people throughout the kingdom. Aldrich leads the Autonomist Coalition in the Eleven Aristocrats, the opposition to Chancellor Gwendal's Federalists. Aldrich is arguably the most powerful man in the kingdom.

Aldrich's birth was commissioned by the 25th Maou (the one before Cecilie) as part of his plan to 'win the peace' with Trondheim, following the Great Troll and Goblin War. Friedrich was ~550, Alana 65 (barely older than Sophie and Phoebe). Friedrich's job was to sponsor Trondheim (the new 10th domain) into the Shin Makoku federation. Aldrich was raised as a cross-cultural mediator, personally tasked with finding a way to prevent another round of this conflict - something no one knew how to do. Aldrich's lived his life, especially his spiritual life, with an eye to that destiny. He's profoundly religious. To more cynical people, this outlook comes off somewhat squirrelly.

Aldrich served part-time as a military training officer from age ~80-145, then lost his left arm at the elbow, rescuing human civilians in Suberia. He married Glynda von Wincott, a cousin of Suzanna Julia, at age ~130, and they had one son, Dietrich when Aldrich was ~200. (See Dietrich's page - the marriage was a disaster.) Always an alcoholic, Aldrich got sober weeks before Cecilie kicked Manfred back home, after his own medical discharge. Aldrich and Manfred fell in love. Aldrich brokered Manfred's relationship with Wolfram, and co-parented Manfred's other children as well, Kieran and Efram. But their relationship was forced underground. The couple wed 90 years later in TwT. Aldrich and Manfred have twin children together, Avram and Margritte (GoT), Wolfram's latest half-siblings.

Aldrich and Brendan von Gratz cross-foster their sons Dietrich and Trenton. Aldrich was unofficial regent to Gratz, helping the too-young Brendan run the domain for the absentee, then exiled, Adelbert.

Aldrich tutors unconditional love, on the healing faculty of the Bielenfeld Institute. His marriage brokering and counseling hobby augments his political clout.

Stories: The Pirate Wedding, Wolfram Takes a Break,Yuuri's Hot Date, The Trouble with Trolls, The Ghosts of Trondheim

The Pirate Wedding

Two years after BoW and Axel

  • Aldrich's father Lord Friedrich attempts an invasion of Mizrat, in retaliation for crimes against Mazoku, in defiance of Yuuri's wishes. This is personal - Mizrat killed Wolfred, maimed Manfred, raped Wolfram, and this time, caused the death of an innocent Bielenfeld healer and her child. Friedrich's had it with Mizrat!
  • Aldrich pulls a counter-coup in Yuuri's absence, replacing Friedrich with Manfred, Wolfram's father, as Lord Bielenfeld.
  • It's expected that Aldrich-loyal Manfred will hand back the domain to Aldrich next year, but for now, Wolfram replaces Aldrich as heir. But Wolfram can't marry Yuuri while heir to Bielenfeld. No doubt Manfred confided to Aldrich that he felt Yuuri was too young.
  • Despite strong misgivings, at Manfred's request, Aldrich teaches Cecilie how to handle Manfred when he's overwhelmed and disintegrating. When the couple split when Wolfram was a baby, Aldrich preferred they stay split, and refused to help Cecilie reconcile.
  • Cecilie and Manfred end up engaged - an outcome Aldrich considers akin to a moth's date with destiny with a flame...
  • Aldrich, freed from Bielenfeld for a year, heads first for Trondheim.

Wolfram Takes a Break

One year later - three years after BoW and Axel

  • Aldrich's wife Glynda and son Dietrich make a brief appearance.
  • Friedrich and Glynda lay their grief over Aldrich's lost arm on the phoenix' pyre. The arm begins regenerating. Manfred's bad leg begins healing as well, in answer to Friedrich and Cecilie's griefs. We don't know what Aldrich and Manfred's griefs are.
  • Manfred abdicates as Lord Bielenfeld as expected. Wolfram and Friedrich turn it down, and the family unanimously chooses Aldrich to rule.
  • Aldrich offers to name Wolfram his heir, but Wolfram declines in Dietrich's favor.

Yuuri's Hot Date

two years after WTB, fifth year after BoW

  • Between stories, Aldrich's miserable marriage with the mentally ill Glynda ended in catastrophe. Aldrich finally decided to divorce, for his son's sake. Glynda countered by committing suicide. Aldrich and Dietrich are just starting to get over this nightmare.
  • Aldrich holds a marriage ball at Blood Pledge Castle, offering the young heiress Lady Kieran von Donaghie's hand - and the entire domain of Donaghie to the winner. Kieran is Manfred's daughter - and Aldrich was in on that from the start.
  • The honeymoon is definitely over between Manfred and Cecilie - Manfred's fed up with being dragged around the world while she carries on with other men. When they get back to Blood Pledge, Manfred makes a beeline for Aldrich, more concerned about him than Wolfram and Kieran.
  • In flashbacks, we see more of Aldrich's strong role in Wolfram's childhood, as well as Kieran's. Aldrich and Manfred were a pretty potent role model to him, of the kind of safe and loving relationship Wolfram aspired to, rather than the scary whip-toting revolving bedroom door games his mother played.
  • Aldrich and others help Wolfram get his act and head straight over his temporary breakup with Yuuri. He agrees to do marriage counseling with the couple, but Manfred and Friedrich take over, concerned that Wolfram and Yuuri's issues struck too close to Aldrich's still raw wounds from Glynda's death.
  • Aldrich's main planks counseling the individuals and the couples are 1) get right-sized, and apologize for exactly and only what you did wrong, no minimizing, no catastrophizing; and 2) even if you marry for love, align to duty - back each other in performing each's service to the world.
  • Aldrich and Manfred finally, just once, get to have all their children on a bed together for a bedtime story.
  • Aldrich starts agitating for vassal Wolfram to get a new Lordly career outside his neurotic Yuuri-centricity. He also has plans for Efram - he's pushing him to add a nobility degree to his studies. And he's dispatching Manfred to Donaghie to do a public health and welfare survey. So Manfred and Efram leave with him.

The Trouble with Trolls

half year after Date, sixth year after BoW

  • Aldrich's the protagonist of this story. Short version: Aldrich meets the challenge he was born for, helping the Maou avert a second round of the Great Troll and Goblin War, and build a lasting peace with the trolls.
  • We learn lots about the other Mazoku races - including Aldrich and Wolfram's strange wood nymph ancestry.
  • Manfred annuls his marriage with Cecilie, and marries Aldrich instead. They have the seeds to grow their joint children next year.
  • It's best just to read the summary.
  • Banana sproutIcon Sprout! - with Manfred and Cecilie, from TwT (by bananam00n)

The Ghosts of Trondheim

half year after Trolls, seventh year after BoW

  • Aldrich's peculiar plant variant of the fire healing gift comes in handy - he delivers many treeborn babies as the ghosts reincarnate from trees planted from Aldrich's seeds - by Franklin.
  • Aldrich is a co-author of a new Trond religious movement - with Yuuri as Messiah.
  • Aldrich's pushing even harder for Wolfram to take up a career outside his marriage, and Wolfram finds a calling in public health.
  • Aldrich and Manfred's treeborn twins are born - Avram and Margritte.
  • OldFriendsIcon Old Friends - with the ghost of Franklin (GoT) - by bananam00n mostly

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