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Alec Bladwin was the narrrator for seaspns 5-6 and also starred as Mr.Conductor in Thomas & the Magic Railroad. In seasons 5-6, he sometimes used a "gay" voice for James, one knows why.He each tried to give every single engine,roadway vehicle,etc. a different voice. Gordon had deep voice but he made Henry sound stuffed up. Percy had a high pitched voice and Oliver had somewhat British accent. Toad had an odd voice that made him sound gruff. So on and so forth.

In Thomas & and the Magic Railroad,Mr.Conductor was a msart young man who was playing Mr.Conductor from Shinign Time Station which Mr.Conductor was also played by earlier narrators-George Carlin and Ringo Starr. It was a movie of which all people and trains interracted. Diesel 10's first appearance was in Thomas & the Magic Railroad as well. Now after this special, Diesel 10 was in every movie so far,villain in TATMR, helpful guy in CAE (Calling All Engines),only a cameo in The Great Discovery,and now a villain in MIR ( Misty Island Rescue) leading him into DotD (Day of the Diesels) the upcoming season 15 movie featuring new characters Norman,Paxton and Sidney.

Whether or not Alec BAldwin stunk in season 6 (as most US fans say)he was a Mr.Conductor and was a pure genius in season 5!

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