Alec Clarion
Alec Clarion
Alec Clarion posing with his gun, a Walther P5, and sword, the Sapphire.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9" (175.3cm)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Race Caucasian
Blood type A
Birthday June 9th, 1946
Birthplace Cape May, New Jersey, USA
Hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Father Lawrence Langley
Mother Denise Hutchinson
Affiliation(s) Delta Defense Alliance
Language(s) spoken
(excluding English)
Flag of the United States English (US)
Flag of Germany German
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Алэк Кларион
Flag of Greece Greek Άλεκ Κλάριον
Flag of Japan Japanese アレック・クラリオン
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese
康翱鹰 (Kāng Áoyīng)
Flag of South Korea Korean 아렠 클아리언
Flag of the Arab League Arabic ألك كلأريون
Flag of Israel Hebrew אלק לאנגלי
Flag of India Hindi अलिक् लङ्ली

Alec Clarion, formerly Alec Langley in earlier versions, is an agent of the Delta Defense Alliance, an organization which sought to promote peace during the Cold War. He mainly fights Omega Order, an evil psychic organization led by Boris Rubanenko. He is following in the footsteps of his father, Lawrence Langley, who sacrificed himself while fighting the Omega Order. Despite his enemies, Alec is sensitive to prejudice against psychics and has even fallen in love with Boris's sister, Ivanka.


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Alec Clarion's previous family name, Langley, was a reference to Langley Falls, Virginia, the location of the CIA headquarters.

Chinese Name

Alec Clarion's Chinese given name, "Áoyīng", means "soaring eagle" in English. His family name, "Kāng", means "peaceful".

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