• Alejandro and Cameron share many similarities pertaining to the competition:
    • They have won a season.
      • Although they won a season, they did not win in the United States.
    • In the season they won in, they won solo-immunity challenges
      • Alejandro in African Lying Society
      • Cameron in Up, Up, and Away in My Pitiful Balloon, and Eat, Puke, and Be Wary.
    • In the season that they won in, they thought they were going to be eliminated, but something happened to make them safe.
      • In Awwww, Drumheller, Alejandro was spared from elimination when Sierra blew up the Jumbo Jet. Chris eliminated Sierra because of that.
      • Although Cameron thought he was going home in The Enchanted Franken-Forest, he was spared when Lightning picked Zoey to leave over him. This was because Lightning wanted to crush Cameron in the finale.
    • Both are the only contestants to not be eliminated, as of yet.
    • Both of them have yet to return to the show at some point, as Owen did in Total Drama Action, and Duncan did in Total Drama World Tour.

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