The art in the EP

Aleka's Attic released a cassette EP with four songs in the year of 1989. This EP was sold between 1989 and 1990.

The tracklis:

  • SIDE A
    1. "Goldmine" (5:24)
    2. "Too Many Colors" (5:25)
      • In 1991, Gus Van Sant included one of these songs in "My Own Private Idaho" : "Too Many Colors" (that song doesn't appear on the CD soundtrack - if there's one).
  • SIDE B
    1. "Across The Way" (5:04)
      • The song was written by River Phoenix and Josh McKay and performed by their band, Aleka's Attic. The album came out in 1989.
    2. "Blue Period" (5:11)
  • Aleka's Attic Was:
  • River Phoenix
  • Rain Phoenix
  • Tim Hankins
  • Josh Greenbaum
  • Josh McKay


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