• Alex Bratten as Arthur Read
  • Leah as D.W. Read
  • Ken Bratten (Dad) as David Read
  • Melissa Bratten (Mom) as Jane Read
  • Hayden as Kate Read
  • Hershel as Pal
  • Addyson Richard as Francine Frensky
  • Josh Koski as Buster Baxter
  • Everett Felch as Binky Barnes
  • Jeremiah Ham as Alan Powers: The Brain
  • Tea Jackson as Muffy Crosswire
  • Jayden as George Lundgren
  • Ryan Radoicic as James MacDonald
  • Ethan & Joey Bratten as The Tibble Twins
  • Mr. Roraff as Mr. Ratburn
  • Mr. LaPorte as Mr. Haney
  • Mrs. Mize as Mrs. MacGrady
  • Cameron as Rattles
  • Josh's Mom as Bitzi Baxter
  • Tiffany as Prunella Deegan
  • Skylie as Sue Ellen Armstrong

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