Alex The Engine Car & Friends is a Adult Brother of TTTE. It has swearing only.


  • Fat Controller
  • New Car
  • Alex The Search Engine
  • Broken Silence
  • Dana's Time Of A Month
  • Dating
  • Alex Helps Dana Find A Pet
  • It Takes 2
  • Dana Is Mad At Alex
  • Sammie Wants To Give Up Smoking
  • Alex Thinks Sammie Is A Nazzi
  • Going To Kill Again
  • Troublesome Trucks
  • Alex Did Some Drugs
  • Sammie Didn't Get The Job
  • Alex Wants To Start A Revolotion
  • Alex Is Sick Of Passengers
  • Sammie Masterbaits
  • Dreams
  • Sexisim
  • Pregnant
  • Speach Pherapist
  • Dana Leaves


Alex The Engine Car

Gail&ernest Alex Is A Yellow Diesel Engine Car Who Works On The Star Tug & Marine Railway.

Dana The Fat Controller's Messenger

Dana Is A Diesel-Powered Messenger Who Works For The Fat Controller.

Sammie The Steam Train

Steviethetrain Sammie Is A Steam-Powered Express Engine Who Is Strong & Can Pull Heavy Loads.

Dulcy The Mainline Coach

Oldslowcoach Dulcy Is Alex' Coach On The Mainline Who Has Seen Better Days.

The Fat Controller

Tugscaptainstar The Fat Controller Is The Warm Voice Of The The Announcer. He's The Announcer Of The Railway And Keeps His Railway Running On Time.


Image coming soon Bangy Is A Diesel Shunter


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