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Alexandria Masters is a character from the PokéWars, created by William Rendfeld with her first story posted on November 9, 2003. She was the first character created by the writer for the PW, and has participated in several storylines.

Writer's Guide

The following details are from Alex's WG, posted on November 9, 2003.

Alexandria Beatrice ‘Alex’ Masters

Age: 17

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 130 lbs.

Place of Birth: Lilycove City, Hoenn

Date of Birth: April 7 (Aries)

Blood Type: A+


Alex is a tall, attractive young woman with medium brown hair reaching down to her back and eyes of the same color. Her most obvious (and detested) physical trait is her very visible breast size (she takes a C-cup). Her current attire consists of a green T-shirt, blue jeans, knee-high socks, brown shoes that vaguely resemble boots, twin armored gauntlets, and a brown vest with gold lining. She carries her main gear (Various pots and pans, spices, foodstuffs, cooking utensils, and extra clothing) in her backpack, while her Poké Balls, PokéDex, PokéNav, and weapons are stored on her belt.


Alex is generally an easygoing person; friendly, sociable, outgoing, and not afraid of talking about her own fears and anxieties. She’s cautious, but has an adventuresome side to her. She is intelligent, resourceful, clever, humble, somewhat vain, and loyal. She generally tries to do the best that she can at anything, and often succeeds. She has been raised to respect life, to understand both sides of a story rather than make blind judgments, and believe in the old axiom “Faith manages”. However, her patience has limits; she is not above anger, resentment, or just being seriously ticked with someone. Nor is she above harming someone if they present a clear threat to herself or one of her comrades.


Alex was born in Lilycove City in the Hoenn region to Lyle Masters, a Pokémon researcher with connections to Professor Oak and the Cinnabar Labs, and Helen Mass-Gale-Masters, a single mother from a previous marriage. In an incident that she has little knowledge of, Alex was kidnapped as a baby by agents working for Jackson Canmore and sent through an experimental prototype Telepod system. The process, originally meant to kill her in the most horrible manner imaginable, instead left her DNA permanently altered. She was returned to her family’s care, and Canmore was arrested, avoiding capitol punishment only through subversive means.

Alex led a normal life since then, attending school, studying dance, acrobatics, and some martial arts. Nothing extraordinary happened until her thirteenth year, where her father was killed in a raid on his labs by Team Aqua. Shortly before her fourteenth birthday, Alex went through a short but permanent growth spurt which left her looking much as she does today; an attractive, large-breasted young woman. This is because Alex is not human; she is in fact an Extaxian, a member of a race alien to Earth. While she was born with only a small fraction of Extaxian DNA in her genetic code, her system was totally altered during the aforementioned incident, changing her into a complete Extaxian. Her father had planned to explain this to her, had he not have passed on so soon. Her father’s death, combined with Alex’s discoveries concerning her past, the establishment of her mother’s company MasterCorp, and her studies, delayed her Pokémon journey for several years.

Alex has ultimately come to believe that despite her Extaxian genetics, she is just as human as her mother and half-sister. With her studies complete shortly after her sixteenth birthday and her mother’s blessing, Alex set out on her journey with the Torchic given to her by her father, by then a Combusken dubbed Surtur. Thus far, Alex has already gathered six Pokémon, defeated five Gym Leaders, and participated in the Silver Conference, putting in a good showing despite a loss in the first round. This time has also been marked by stark changes for Alex as she was forced to kill Jackson Canmore, who had gone so far as to hire bounty hunters to capture Alex by any means. Despite this, she hopes to quickly continue her journey.


Alex enjoys reading science fiction novels, building model kits of old aircraft, and watching Japanese Animé. Among her favorite series are Silent Möbius and Mobile Fighter G Gundam. She’s also been known to occasionally quote portions of Shakespeare, Star Trek, and Sherlock Holmes.

Pet Peeves

Alex generally dislikes womanizers, those who make light on anything involving death and destruction, and those who believe themselves above others without proper reason.


Alex is a capable fighter, having earned black belts in Judo and Aikido. She is currently studying Jeet Kun Do. She’s also an excellent gymnast and has studied the ballet, sword fighting, and some forms of armed combat. She can cook very well. Due to her Extaxian heritage, Alex is blessed with telepathic abilities which allow her to sense others from a short distance (approximately five yards) and read most individuals’ thoughts. Also, she is blessed with approximately 25% more strength, speed, agility, and stamina than most humans, as well as a powerful immune system that protects her from most harmful bacteria and viruses.


Alex carries two distinct weapons with her when traveling. The first is a pike, an extendable rod that reaches five feet at maximum length. The pike is hollow and lightweight, but incapable of directly killing someone in one blow. At worst, the opposing individual is knocked unconscious or suffers a broken bone. Her second weapon is usually in clear view at her left side; it is a sword, dubbed the Dorsal Excalibur. The sword itself is a cross between a European saber and a Japanese katana, with a hilt featuring a curved guard for the hand reminiscent of a dolphin’s dorsal fin and a small, marble-sized blue crystal. The sword itself, aside from the crystal, is composed of Psionium alloy, a compound made up of lead, steel and titanium which can block most forms of metaphysical attack. It can, however, be defeated with a strong enough attack.


While her Extaxian genetics offer her several advantages, those advantages are curtailed by several flaws. Should she ingest a large amount of caffeine, she would temporarily lose control of her telepathic abilities and unwillingly scan people. Also, while she can sense any living creature with a short distance, there are certain circumstances where she cannot read their thoughts. Pokémon with a Psychic, Dark, Steel, or Ghost element cannot be read, while any human possessing similar characteristics or with proper protection also fall into this same category. Those known to be protected from Alex’s abilities include Dee (Doppler), Aerie, the bounty hunter Trent Retwin, Mimic, the extradimensional Kitsu and Keaton, Team Rocket member Nori Mizuke, and Adam “Smasher” Samson, a Pokémon trainer with channeling abilities. Alex also suspects that similar entities such as Sabrina, Mewtwo, and Tate and Liza are immune. Alex’s own abilities offer her protection from all but the more powerful psychics, as she discovered when Dee was able to extract some information from her mind. Also, due to a childhood fear of Sharpedo, Alex has never learned to swim. Alex also has a tendency to become ‘overburdened’ with concerns, most dealing with her friends and associates.


  • Lyle Masters: Father (Deceased)

Occupation upon Death: Research Scientist

  • Helen Mass-Gale-Masters: Mother (Deceased)

Occupation upon Death: Chief Executive Officer, MasterCorp

Occupation: Pokémon Trainer/Chief Executive Officer, MasterCorp

Current Badges

Five (Zephyr, Mineral, Stone, Knuckle, Dynamo, Feather)

Current Pokémon

  • Blaziken (Nickname: Surtur): Surtur was born and initially raised at one of the many breeding centers in Hoenn, and was eventually given to Lyle Masters as a birthday gift to his daughter, Alexandria. Over time, the two grew to understand one another, helped greatly by Alex realizing that Surtur preferred to not be called ‘cute’. Following Alex’s early graduation from school and her registration as a Pokémon trainer, Surtur evolved into a Combusken and began his journey alongside Alex. Shortly after admitting how much concern he has for Alex, he evolved into a Blaziken. Surtur is intelligent and insightful, but suspicious of others and fairly short-tempered. Despite some of his commentary towards Alex, Surtur is loyal to her, as well as trusting and respectful. He enjoys eating Twix candy bars.

Level: 42 Attacks: Hidden Power (Electric), Blaze Kick, Rock Smash, Bulk Up

  • Blastoise (Nickname: Daraxis): Daraxis was the second Pokémon to join Alex’s team, given to her by Professor Oak during a brief visit to Pallet Town. He evolved into a Wartortle shortly after winning Alex her first badge at the Violet City Gym. He is stubborn and hardheaded, but fairly intelligent and loyal to his trainer, going so far as to believe himself to be a protector to her. Daraxis also has a strong belief in justice, but has difficulty seeing things beyond black and white. Alex hopes that Daraxis will learn to see the shades of gray with time.

Level: 36 Attacks: Bite, Protect, Ice Beam, Surf

  • Meganium (Nickname: Nadyra): Nadyra was the third Pokémon to join Alex’s team, given to Alex by Professor Elm while visiting New Bark Town. Nadyra is young, playful, gentle and kind. However, should something harm her, she will keep a healthy distance from it thereafter until given reason to do otherwise. She also attempts to act compassionate towards others, either by drying their tears with her leaf or releasing a soothing smell to calm them.

Level: 33 Attacks: Cut, Earthquake, Razor Leaf, Synthesis

  • Murkrow (Nickname: ShadowWarrior): ShadowWarrior was one of a small family of Murkrow, hatched and raised in the wagon of a traveling show. At a young age, however, he was taken from his family and eventually made it into the hands of Team Rocket, who subjected him to experiments in an effort to teach the young Murkrow to speak English. The efforts were successful, but ShadowWarrior managed to escape by eliciting the sympathy of his three temporary guards, one of whom was a talking Meowth. ShadowWarrior is quite laid-back and has a good sense of humor that could be described as ‘gentle sarcasm’, but is still fairly sensitive about his experiences and considers his abilities ‘freakish’. He values honesty, and likes Alex for the fact that she admits to her own shortcomings. He is also very fond of M&M’s candies.

Level: 39 Attacks: Night Shade, Pursuit, Haze, Fly

  • Metang (Nickname: Grospoliner): Named for a character from Japanese Animé, Grospoliner is extremely loyal towards Alex, enough to occasionally refer to her as ‘Master’ despite her protests. Much like its namesake to its master, Grospoliner is telepathically bonded to Alex, allowing the two to communicate over short distances. The only item known to inhibit this bond is psionium alloy, which seriously limits the bond without blocking it. In such cases, only strong emotion or pain can be felt instead of direct thought. Grospoliner itself is polite, brave, and quite vocal about battling, often calling out to be sent to the field via telepathy. It is very intelligent, and highly protective of Alex and her team to the point that it would risk its own life for her or them. It is also quite friendly, though he does on occasion become very nervous when dealing with many individuals.

Level: 22 Attacks: Take Down, Confusion, Metal Claw, Flash

  • Arcanine (Nickname: Rush): A longtime member of a team of Pokémon trained by Adam ‘Smasher’ Samson, Rush was until recently an outgoing womanizer, deeply fond of the ladies and very much eager to show himself off. He was also tough, brave, and very loyal to his trainer. Rush is also bilingual, and enjoys teasing his opponents. Recently converted into a Shadow Pokémon, the exact changes to his personality have yet to be seen. Alex has vowed to restore him to normal, or return him to Smasher so that he may do so, whichever comes first.

Level: 72(?) Attacks: (Pre-Shadow) Flame Wheel, Double Team, Extremespeed, Body Slam (Post-Shadow) Shadow Blitz, Shadow Wave

Not on Main Team

  • Shiny Unown Eye (Nickname: Vision): Eye started following Sarah the shepherdess moments after it was set free, wondering if it should join the shepherdess' team but afraid that she might be a poor Trainer. Eye followed Sarah for quite a while, but didn't reveal itself to her until she bumped into an Unown Collective on Route 36 led by Dee, the shiny D-shaped Unown. There, after being attacked by You, Eye's arch-nemesis, Eye's mission changed - inspired by the independence speech Sarah gave the Unown in Dee's Collective, Eye decided to search for other shiny Unown to tell them that they should remain independent. Eye teamed up with Gee and Zee to release an Unown they heard was caught by a Rocket in Mahogany Town. The trio of Unown blew up a restaurant called Morty’s Rockets in Mahogany instead of a Rocket Base by accident then went their own ways. Eye went as far as Cerulean City in its quest to tell shiny Unown that they should remain free, but while in Ecruteak City, its quest was cut short when a woman captured it. The woman's new-found powers led her into Team Magma. When Mimic killed her in Hoenn, Eye joined him. Eye was eventually separated from Mimic by Aerie and placed in Alex’s safe keeping, now feeling that perhaps it should be contained for the sake of the world. Eye currently rests at the Masters labs outside Lilycove City.

Level: 15 Attack: Hidden Power (Grass)

Current Status

Alex is currently taking part in the ‘Search for Smasher’, and scouring Hoenn for any sign of the young Pokémon Trainer.

Former Pokémon

Alex temporarily had the Shiny Unown Cue on her team, but after Cue’s suggestion, turned him over to Aerie for safe keeping.

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