Alexbad is a city-state that conquered most of the land of Misi.


In ancient times, it is known as a sea side settlement called Ex. Later, it became populated by merchants. On the first day of the Pyro calender, a number of people who traveled from outside of Archipelago settled at Ex transform it into a city-state and renamed it as Alexbad. Not only that they changed the name, but they also brought the idea of civilization with them which spread out throughout the entire Archipelago and ignited the early warring era.

Origin story

Legend says that the entire land of Misi was a thick rain forest, now they are desert. Currently, there are two version of the Legend.

Origin of Ex as according to people of Misi

There was the most powerful mage named Ex from far away land. He made a city named Al. But in that city he disguised himself as a beggar. One day he met a lady from an island nearby (sedi) who took a pity upon him. Immediately he fell in love. But his love was not answered as her heart belonged to someone else. He knew hundred of spells, thousands of magic and millions of potion but none could steal him a heart. He knew nothing about her besides her origin, not even her name. One day he dared himself to ask, “What do you like?” and she answered “bright warm fire in the night because it reminds her of daylight”. And he asked again “What are you afraid of?” and she answered “The forest because there are so many unknown beast and devil inside”. Then he asked again one final question “what do you hate?” and she immediately shivered and replied “Conqueror because they always waged wars”. So one night, he went into the thick forest of Misi and casted a very powerful fire magic that took all his power and spirit to burn the thick forest of Misi. People from far away woke up, thinking that the sun is rising. In the morning the forest was gone, replaced by hot desert that no one can pass through. In the centre, in the place where he cast his magic, there is still fire that never dies until today. It is a proof that loves burn spirits, and spirits never dies. What people don’t know is that Ex came from a land of Conquerors who turns the conquered land into slave markets. The only way to Alexbad from his homeland is the thick forest of Misi which is now unpassable.

Origin of Great Dessert Misi as according to kucin

Once upon a time, living a girl possessed by fire spirit, she can't cast spell even the simplest one, but the fire. Her name was Ignasia, from the foreign literate that means to fire or burn. She growth into charming and beauty lady, living to help the poor and protect the weaklings from tyrant with her power. In the land of conflict, many country want her power as ultimate weapon to dominate the world. But she hate conflict and war, so she head toward the forest Misi and conceal herself from the world. Day by day pass, now she became an addult, like the others would do, she fallen in love with a man, a knight. The knight comes from the country what we calls now Matalah. For the name of her love, she comes with the warrior to aid him. Many battle wins because her help, her fire magic was unbelievable, tremble the world and the very heavens. But when Ignasia told her feelings, he denny her love. The knight had the other place for his love. In that night, Ignasia leave the force and run toward her hideout in Misi.

She chant a song:(nyusul blom kepikiran), and she cast the fire magic, to burns her into ash then ride the wind to the sky. But the magic she cast overpowered her, she can't supress the magic. Then the land that we know as the Great Forest Misi became a dry land what we called it, dessert.

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