Alexis "Lex" Quinn (born 5 ACA) is the daughter of Arrathir Quinn and Eva Pezrokov.

Character Outline

Alexis is a rat hanyō/kitsune hybrid, but due to her father's alleles being dominant, she only exhibits her father's physical characteristics. She is a shi/ghell and is proficient in burn spells and necromancy. However, she seems to have inherited her mother's temper and is quick to anger.

Standing 5'5", she has shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. Her attire usually consists of a black waist-length jacket with a red shirt and jeans underneath.

Alexis takes her status as the daughter of the Keepers of Mana very seriously. She trains obsessively, to the point of isolating herself from others. In duels, she is overly aggressive, to the point of becoming engrossed in defeating her opponent. She sees each victory as a step closer to upholding her family name and shows little sympathy towards her opponents. This tends to maker her appear selfish. Her greatest ambition is to defeat her mother in a duel, thereby proving she has lived up to the expectations placed upon her because of her lineage. She has trouble making friends; not that she tries, seeing friends as a distraction from her goal. Her few friends tend to stick around because they both respect and fear her. While Alexis appreciates the companionship, she sees her friends as more of a boost to her ego.

Demonic Side

Alexis possesses the ears and tail of a rat. She keeps her tail wrapped around her waist, much like her father.


Early Years

Alexis was born in the Red Classroom during Phendra Icen's first lesson. Eva having ceased to teach the class during her pregnancy, her apprentice had taken over. Eva stopped by to see how the lesson was going and went into labour in the middle of the lesson.

Yugure Haylen was immediately called and delivered her without any problems.

A few months after her birth, Arrathir decided Alexis should be raised on a different plain. He was afraid if Alexis was raised on Arcanis she would grow up pampered and spoiled. As well, he knew being the child of the Keepers of Mana was a heavy burden and he wanted to give her a chance to experience a normal childhood. Eva reluctantly agreed with this plan, on the condition that she would go with Alexis and that Arrathir would visit frequently.

Academy of Magic

Due to being raised on a plane where the flow of time passed more rapidly than on Arcanis, Alexis aged 15 years in two Arcanis years. Upon her return, she immediately began training.

Phendra Icen took her under her wing and began tutoring her.

For the moment, Alexis hasn't been very involved in the Academy plots.


Alexis possesses the enhanced speed, strength, smell and hearing of half-demons.

Her mana abilities are still developing, but being the child of the Keepers, it is expected she may become a powerful summoner.


  • The only people Alexis authorizes to call her "Lex" are her parents.

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