• Nelson
  • Jack
  • Alfie
  • Kelly
  • Ned
  • Boris the Land Rover
  • Miss Jenny Packard
  • The Mayor of Sodor
  • Max and Monty (do not speak)
  • Buster (does not speak)
  • Oliver the Excavator (cameo; seen in the Market Square)
  • Byron (cameo; seen in the Market Square)
  • Penny the Pink Grader (cameo; seen in the Market Square)
  • Nigel (cameo; seen in the Market Square)
  • Isabella (cameo; seen in the Market Square)
  • Patrick (cameo; seen in the Market Square)


UK and AUS

  • Clive Mantle as Nelson
  • Steven Kynman as Jack and Boris the Land Rover
  • Nathan Clarke as Alfie
  • Tim Whitnall as Kelly
  • Bob Golding as Ned
  • Rebecca O'Mara as Miss Jenny Packard
  • David Bedella as the Mayor of Sodor


  • Clive Mantle as Nelson
  • David Menkin as Jack
  • Nathan Clarke as Alfie
  • Tim Whitnall as Kelly
  • Bob Golding as Ned
  • Steven Kynman as Boris the Land Rover
  • Rebecca O'Mara as Miss Jenny Packard
  • David Badella as the Mayor of Sodor


Narrator: All the Pack members like helping whenever they're needed. They are even called out to help every December at Christmas. They love helping out at no time better than when it's the Grand Christmas Holiday Festival, because it is a very happy time for them indeed. This year, all the people who lived in the town near the Construction Yard had promised get together for the job of decorating the trees. Jack and Alfie were to bring extra decorations from their homes, because the Mayor of Sodor had put up six enormous Christmas trees in the Market Square. Some of the children were helping to decorate each tree.

Alfie: Where are all the Christmas lights?

(Mayor of Sodor walks over)

Jack: I don't think the mayor looks very happy. What's up, Mr. Mayor?

Mayor of Sodor: I'm afraid your fellow steamroller was helping us last Christmas.

Alfie: Do you mean Buster, by any chance?

Mayor of Sodor: That's right. And somehow he managed to squash out tree, and get tangled in the wires, and break all the light bulbs. There isn't a Christmas light left in the Market Square.

Narrator: The smile on Jack's face disappeared. The corners of his mouth turned to down and he looked very miserable. Miserable at Christmas time!

Alfie: No Christmas lights? This is very serious.

Narrator: Alfie went for a drive to try and think of a way to help. He was passing through Maithwaite Forest, when Ned past by.

Ned: What's wrong young Alfie?

Narrator: Alfie explained about the Christmas lights.

Ned: Oh dear, Alfie!

Narrator: Alfie drove on until he met Nelson.

Nelson: What's the matter, Alfie?

Narrator: Alfie explained.

Nelson: Oh dear!

Narrator: Both Ned and Nelson looked rather miserable. Alfie went around nearly the whole afternoon trying to think of an idea. He had nearly reached the construction yard when suddenly he ran out of fuel.

Alfie: Bother! I'll never come up with a solution now.

Narrator: He was about to give up hope when he saw that Miss Jenny was nearby polishing her Land Rover, Boris.

Miss Jenny: There you are Boris, shining like new.

Boris the Land Rover: Thanks Miss Packard. Hey look how sad Alfie is.

Miss Jenny: Hi Alfie. Something bothering you?

Alfie: Hi Miss Jenny. I was trying to find Christmas lights for the Market Square trees to replace the ones that got broken, but I ran out of fuel.

Miss Jenny: I might be able to help solve that problem. Yes, just leave it all to me. Oh and here's a new can of fuel for you.

(Miss Jenny drives off in Boris)

Alfie: Ah that's better. Now to go and ask someone to invite the Pack to the Market Square.

Kelly: Hi Alfie, what's up?

Alfie: Hi Kelly, am I glad to see you.

Narrator: And Alfie told Kelly that he had a special job inviting the rest of Pack to the Market Square.

Kelly: But of course. I'll go and do it right away.

Alfie: And you can put the gold stars on all the Christmas Trees in the market.

Kelly: But of course.

Narrator: Meanwhile Miss Jenny had managed to buy all the Christmas lights that were left at the hardware store, enough for all six of the Market Square trees. And Alfie and Kelly went round telling the other Pack members their plan. They all felt better at once, especially Max and Monty. And the Christmas Tress looked more wonderful, decorative, magical and even colourful than last year. All the children and even the Mayor were delighted. Finally Kelly just had to put the sixth gold star on the last tree. Then everything was finally ready.

Alfie: Merry Christmas everybody!

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