Diesel 10


Judge Judy


  • Narrator: In this day on the Island of Sodor it was wonderful day having push cars having on Banchine Line but something is in the Sheds for long time.
  • Alfred: Hahahahahahahaha! soon i will take off Sodor and Sir Tophan Hat who he had out of the rails of the sheds and shall have my Revenge on them from Duck add ruin my plans Hahahahahahaha!
  • Narrator: Just than in the shed of the night Alfred slowy there others are in the sheds he slowy move track on Duck shed with his Friends just than Duck eyes open and he saw Alfred stareing at it the lighting bolt of light and he dissapperad like ghost train.
  • Duck: (Gasp) Bumbling Tracks he back (Gump)!
  • Narrator: Duck was warry that so he went to sleep from out of sheds Alfred is steel here with Duck The Next morning Duck was talk Thomas what he saw in the last night.
  • Thomas: No way Alfred is back No it can't be
  • Duck: telling you i saw him.
  • Narrator: Said Duck.
  • Thomas: Im sorry Duck is alright Alfred is gone on the sheds on his home.
  • Narrator: So Thomas buff away.
  • Narrator: Duck do not know what was a bad things on thee Island.
  • Alfred: are we here
  • Diesel: we are all here now Alfred
  • Narrator: Said Diesel and all of Engines and Diesels are working of his plan.
  • Judge Judy: so Alfred what we do of your Revenge to wait for it
  • Alfred: We wait a new Engine well be arighted soon on Sodor
  • Narrator: So then Sir Topham Hat told them a New Engine has arighted and he say.
  • Sir Topham Hat: Now all you know we are here they is a new Engine on the Island and we are plased for it
  • Narrator: and they she is just than cranky slowy gentle on the track it was a beautuful engine seen before from Wales.
  • Sir Topham Hat: say hello to Johnny
  • Thomas: Hello
  • Narrator: Asked Thomas.
  • Johnny: Hello you to you and Hello Duck
  • Duck: wait How do my name
  • Johnny: Oh I know you all of you
  • Narrator: And he small Duck knows what he doing that so James small are plase to weclome
  • Everything One: Pup Pup Huray
  • Narrator: They Whistle and So Diesel and Diesel 10 Watched them and Johnny look the Diesels and they smalled just than for Branch Line Thomas Corchers and Johnny's Corchers it was a Orange Corchers and then Johnny taking the cars.
  • Thomas: Remember don't trust trucks
  • Johnny: Why
  • Narrator: Ask Johnny.
  • Thomas: Becaurse they are silly trucks get trouble
  • Narrator: And the Truck were Laughing
  • Truck 1: Eeey let's break to it
  • Truck 2: Yes Let's Breakit Snap it
  • Henry: Be Quiet you Silly that hard
  • Truck 1: Ow
  • Narrator: Duck looked at Johnny just like that as Johnny is shed of Scrapyard he know his here as for than Johnny saw Diesel 10 standing here.
  • Diesel 10: ar Welcome our sheds Johnny Alfred is waiting for you
  • Johnny: Thank you
  • Narrator: so they slowy inside in to the shadows and then Johnny saw Alfred coming to the shadow was a leading.
  • Alfred: Right you justin in time
  • Johnny: Im so Welcome here to stay with you
  • Alfred: Judge Judy Go and make some damage of this place and you with the Diesels
  • Judge Judy: Ok Boss
  • Narrator: And Judge Judy and the Diesel move to cost damage things from of Branch Line James waiting pastchochs to go with it.
  • James: Rubly Rubboch
  • Narrator: Said James
  • James: Im late
  • Narrator: the man Whistle and James had Whistle

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