Algy is a fan-made Thomas and Friends episode thought up by BiggestThomasFan. It is based on the annual story, Bertie Saves the Day/Bertie to the Rescue.


  • Bertie
  • Algy
  • Bulgy (cameo; seen at the traffic light when the climbers push Algy)
  • Caroline (cameo; seen at the traffic light when the climbers push Algy)
  • Butch (cameo; seen taking Algy to be repaired)
  • Elizabeth (cameo; seen passing Algy near the beginning)
  • Byron (cameo; seen being carried by Nelson)
  • Nelson (cameo; seen passing Algy when he's taking the climbers)
  • Madge (cameo; seen at the traffic light when the climbers push Algy)

Voice Cast

  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Keith Wickham as Bertie and Algy's Driver
  • Jim Howick as Algy
  • Colin McFarlane as Bertie's Driver
  • Steven Kynman as a Passenger
  • Tom Stourton as Climber #1
  • Teresa Gallagher as Climber #2
  • Nigel Pilkington as Climber #3
  • Matt Wilkinson as the Man at the Garage


Narrator: A new bus had just been built to help carry passengers around the island. Bertie went to meet the new bus at the bus station.

Bertie: Hello. My name's Bertie. What's your name?

Algy: I'm Algy. I'm getting ready for my first job on the island. I'm sure the passengers will be pleased to meet a new bus. Must get going. Bye, Bertie.

Bertie: Goodbye, Algy.

Narrator: The passengers did enjoy riding on Algy. They were glad a new bus had been built. Now Bertie and other buses would be so full all the time.

Passenger: Thank you, Algy. What a smooth ride!

Algy: That's me! Algy! Always making sure my passengers have a smooth and happy ride.

Narrator: More passengers complimented on Algy, and it started to go to his engine. Later on, Algy met up with Bertie again.

Algy: The passengers loved riding in me. I bet I'm everyone's favorite bus now. No one will want to ride in you again.

Bertie: But Algy, I'm... Oh!

Narrator: But Bertie was able to take his mind off Algy soon.

Bertie's Driver: We've got an excursion tomorrow, Bertie.

Bertie: Are we taking children to the seaside?

Bertie's Driver: No. It's a group of climbers who want to go to the lake in the hills for a picnic. So make sure you rest your engine ready for tomorrow.

Narrator: But Bertie's engine wouldn't start when he woke up next morning. His driver tried everything he could to make Bertie's engine better, but it was no use. So Algy had to collect the climbers instead.

Algy: They picked the best bus for the job.

Narrator: Algy arrived on time and they all set off happily. But when they were half way through their journey, Algy had to stop at some traffic lights. While they waited, Algy's engine stopped, and try as he might, his driver could not start it again.

Algy's Driver: Would you mind helping me push Algy out of the way? We can't hold up the traffic like this.

Climber #1: We'd be happy to help.

Narrator: The climbers pushed as hard as they could and managed to get Algy started. Algy's driver went on very carefully, never letting the engine run slowly. At last, they reached their destination, last but safe.

Algy's Driver: I'm going to telephone the garage to tell them what happened from that nearby house.

Algy: I hope everything will be alright.

Narrator: Meanwhile, the climbers ate their lunch, and went to climb the hills and walk in the woods, while Algy's driver tried to repair Algy. He worked hard all afternoon. He tried to start Algy's engine again and again, but it was no use. Then, when there was only an hour to go before it was time to start for home, the driver went to telephone the garage again.

Man at the Garage: Sorry, but Bertie is still not well. We'll do what we can though.

Narrator: When it was time to the journey home, the climbers returned to Algy. They were surprised to see Algy's driver still trying to make his bus start.

Climber #1: Shall we push you again?

Algy's Driver: I don't think that will help now. I can't get him to work at all.

Climber #2: How long will it take for another bus to come up here and collect us?

Algy's Driver: I'm afraid there isn't another bus. That's the trouble. Bertie's out of action as well. But I rand for help an hour ago.

(Horn honks)

Climber #3: I think I know that horn. That's...

(Bertie appears round the corner)

Climbers: Bertie!

Bertie: Hop in! Driver's mended me and I feel fine. We'll have you home before you can say 'Bertie the Bus'.

Algy: Thank you for coming, Bertie. I'm sorry for my boasting yesterday. We're both really useful buses.

Bertie: Apology accepted, Algy.

(Bertie leaves with the climbers)

Narrator: Algy was soon taken to be repaired. Now Algy and Bertie are good friends, and Algy never boasts about being the best.