Alindra 'Ali' D'Ayarra was the pilot on board the mercenary ship The Scimitar.


  • Species: Human/Corellian
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 24
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Appearance:
  • Weapons/Equipment:
    • DL-18 Blaster Pistol
    • knife
  • Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
    • piloting; due to a mixture of schooling and natural talent, Aly is capable of flying most things she lays eyes on. Though how much is schooling and how much is natural talent is anybody's guess...
    • language translation; this is purely natural talent. Even when she was a young girl, she could learn new languages quickly. If you give her enough time with a recording in an unfamiliar language, she can determine what it says and over a somewhat longer period of time, she can eventually pick up and use the language with decent accuracy.
  • Primary Role Player: Grace


Alindra D'Ayarra grew up in Coronet on Corellia. Due to the city's vastness, Aly was urged to remain close to home when she was a young girl. And though she desired to explore, she realized that disobeying would only cause her parents some unneeded stress. Even within the area she'd been restricted to, the young girl could still find many different accents as spacers from various places came to Coronet on business of one sort or another.

Even at the young age of seven, languages fascinated Aly and she soon learned that she had an ear for them. When she was fifteen, she spent an hour with an old spacer, originally from Corellia. He muttered a few words in Old Corellian, just barely audible to Aly and she took the words to memory, considering them. Then, she encouraged his use of the language, pretending she understood him. Finally, as he spoke, she began to pick out elements of what he was saying and managed to offer simple responses. By the time the old spacer left, Aly had a basic grasp of Old Corellian, which only improved as she grew older.

When she was sixteen years old, Aly got the chance to learn another of her childhood dreams; flying. Her father sent her to flight school and because of her determination to fulfill the dream, she excelled, soon reaching the top of her classes. She flew hundreds of simulations of all different types and sizes of ships, taking to each of them with the same ease that she took to languages.

Two years later, Aly entered a flight competition hosted by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Though they did not reveal it, even to the competitors, the CEC were looking for a replacement for one of their retiring test pilots. Though Aly was not necessarily the best pilot in the competition, she was chosen for the job. When she asked why, she was told that she had the right level of spirit and daring to do the job as it should be done.

For four years, Aly served as a test pilot for the CEC, trying out their latest technology and occasionally offering suggestions as to how the handling could be improved. But a week after her twenty-second birthday, Aly was framed for the destruction of an important prototype, a fighter that would have put the CEC at least a decade ahead of everyone else. Instead of looking into the matter further, the CEC fired Aly and she spent a year in prison for a crime she did not commit.

When she was released, Aly took the soonest possible transport away from Corellia and swore never to return. Since then, she's been drifting from job to job. She's not sure if she'll ever find a job worth sticking to, but she'll know it if she sees it.

Personality and Traits

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