Plot (Mega Man X Version)

Alia, Pallette, and Layer are resting and tired of their parents. Nami grounding them one time so they decided to run away from home. Layer tied the rope to the leg of the bed open the window, and tossed the rope out to freedom. Alia, Pallette, and Layer climbed out the window and jumped down to the ground, with their luggages on the hand.

Just then, X, Axl, and Zero packed up the female clothes, toothbrushes, toothpastes, towels, food, pajamas, a portait of Alia, Pallette, and Layer with their friends, X Zero And axl gave the bags to the girls and the trio ran way from home, without Nami and her boyfriend, David noticing them.

The next morning, Alia Pallette, and Layer start their way to the Disneyland and California Adventures after they ate their breakfast. When they were in Disneyland, Alia decided to go to Adventureland and Frontierland and Pallette and Layer followed her to Adventureland. The girls decided to go Ride the Indiana Jones Ride. After the Indiana Jones ride the girls decided to ride Big Mountain Thunder Railroad Re-opened, Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean.

After that, Alia, Pallette, and Layer decided to go to New Orleans Square. The girls to go see Splash Mountain. After they rode one ride, Alia Pallette and Layer go to Liberty Square, so they decided to ride The Haunted Mansion.

After that Alia, Pallette, and Layer decided to go to Tomorrowland, Alia decided to ride Matterhorn Bobsled, while Pallette decided to ride Space Mountain, and Layer decided to ride Star Tours The Adventure Continues.

After the girls ate their lunchs at Tomorrowland Torrance, Next the girls decide to ride Space Mountain Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin Tomorrowland Autopia, Star Tours The Adventure Continues Matterhorn Bobsled and Disneyland Railroad.

After the Next Day the girls goes to California Adventures. Alia decides to ride California Screamin with Pallette and Layer The girls goes to Goofy Sky School and Cars Land. She decided go to Condor Flats to ride Soarin Over California Grizzly River Raft.

After the Last Day Alia, Pallette and Layer take a picture and smile to have fun at Disneyland and Disney California Adventures.

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