Version 1 (made by WoodyandBuzz)

  • Mad Hatter as Alex
  • March Hare as Marty
  • Knuckles (from Sonic) as Melmen
  • Alice's Sister as Gloria
  • Alice as Juilen
  • and more

Version 2 (made by Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)key Mouse) 

  • Sally (from Sonic) as Alex
  • Bunnie (from Sonic) as Marty
  • Uncle Chuck (from Sonic) as Melmen
  • Walrus as Gloria
  • Goofy (from Mickey Mouse) as Juilen
  • White Rabbit as Maurice
  • Bill/Ben (from TTTE) as Mort
  • March Hare as Skipper
  • A, 2 and 3 as Penguins
  • Queen of Hearts as Makunga
  • King of Hearts as Nana
  • Carpenter as Mason
  • Caterpillar as Phil
  • Dinah as Baby Alex
  • Wart as Baby Gloria
  • Little Toot (from Melody Time) as Gia
  • Alice as Zuba
  • Cheshire Cat as Stefora
  • Doromouse as Ventia
  • Dodo as Roger
  • Tick Tick (from Peter Pan) as Teetsi
  • Honest John (extra/n Gideon) (from Pinocchio) as Dave
  • Fiona Fox (from Sonic) as Makunga
  • and more

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