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Version 1 (made by EmilytheCutiepie)

  • Mad Hatter as Ten Cents
  • Dodo as Big Mac
  • Uncle Remus (from Song of the South) as OJ
  • Caterpiller as Top Hat
  • The White Rabbit as Warrior
  • Mr. Darling (from Peter Pan) as Hercules
  • March Hare as Sunshine
  • Peter Pan (from Peter Pan) as Grampus
  • King Stefan (from Sleeping Beauty) as Captain Star
  • The Walrus as Zorran
  • The King of Hearts as Zebedee
  • Br'er Fox (from Song of the South) as Zak
  • The Carpenter as Zug
  • Br'er Bear (from Song of the South) as Zip
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Captain Zero
  • King Hubert (from Sleeping Beauty) as Izzy Gomez
  • Alice as Lillie Lightship
  • Cheshire Cat as Billy Shoepack
  • Dormouse as Boomer
  • Bill the Lizard as Sea Rogue
  • The Grand Duke (from Cinderella) as Sea Rogue's Uncle
  • The Card Soldiers as The Pirates
  • Lucifer (from Cinderella) as Bluenose
  • Prince Phillip (from Sleeping Beauty) as The Fire Tug
  • The Doorknob as Little Ditcher
  • Diablo (from Sleeping Beauty) as Burke
  • Mr. Smee (from Peter Pan) as Blair
  • Tick-Tock the Crocodile (from Peter Pan) as Nantucket
  • Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum as Frank & Eddie
  • John Darling (from Peter Pan) as The Coast Guard
  • Michael Darling (from Peter Pan) as The Messenger
  • Casey Jr (from Dumbo/Casey Jr. and Friends) as Puffa
  • Johnny (from The Brave Engineer/Casey Jr. and Friends) as The Goods Engine

Version 2 (made by Skullzproductions)

  • Caterpillar as Ten Cents (Alice can't be Ten Cents, Alice is female and Ten Cents is male)
  • Pinocchio as Sunshine
  • Alice as Lillie Lightship
  • Dinah as Grampus
  • Alice (2010) as Puffa
  • White Rabbit as The Goods Engine
  • and more

Version 3 (SonicJrandSarah)

  • Wart (from The Sword in the Stone) as Ten Cents
  • Sir Ector (from The Sword in the Stone) as Big Mac
  • Adult Flower (from Bambi) as OJ
  • Sir Kay (from The Sword in the Stone) as Top Hat
  • Dodo as Warrior
  • Catterpillar as Hercules
  • The White Rabbit as Sunshine
  • Dinah as Grampus
  • Thomas (from Thomas) as Puffa
  • Percy (from Thomas) as The Goods Engine
  • and more

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