Version 1 (made by Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) (coming soon! to 2018)

  • March Hare as Roger Rabbit
  • Mikey (from The Goonies) as Eddie Valiant
  • Alice as Jessica Rabbit
  • Sonic (from Sonic X) as Benny the Cab
  • King Louie (from The Jungle Book) as The Gorilla
  • Mickey Mouse (cameo) as himself
  • Donald Duck (cameo) as himself
  • Andy (from The Goonies) as Doroles
  • Goofy (cameo) as himself
  • Brer Rabbit (from Song of the South) as Bugs Bunny
  • Ma (from The Goonies) as Judge Doom
  • Cards as Weasels
  • Shoe as himself
  • Pinocchio as himself
  • The Dodo as Woody Woodpecker
  • The Big Bad Wolf (from The Three Little Pigs) as himself
  • Wonderland as Toontown
  • and more


More Coming Soon!

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