Alicia is a charectar in The Original Story: The Series and T-o-s 2.

Name: Alicia.

Born: May 7th, 1981.

Age: (25). 

Face color: Brown.

Eye color: Brown.

Arm colors: Brown.

Leg colors: Brown.

Lips color: Yellow  (due to spray painting her lips yellow and freezing them with a book).


Alicia, the charectar is describe as nice, sweet and kind and even a good storyteller her main genre of stories are classic fables.

By: Roc.

T-o-s: The Series

In T-o-s: The Series Alicia appers in all 5 episodes and the second season's episodes.

By: Roc.

T-o-s 2

Alicia appers in the  T-o-s sequel at the middle, as nice and intellegent the third guest at John's  house, spending most time with him there.  

By: Roc. 

T-o-s 3

Alicia will apper in the prequel as mean reither than her real personality, she also took place in the competitions of each dance pratice.

By: Roc.


It has also been confirmed that she'll be a member of The Circus Dance Club in T-o-s 3.

By: Roc.

Anitoy Alicia

An animatronic version of Alicia was made on November 1st, 2013 as well John the Inspector, Larry, Kyle and Max were made into animatronics. The word anitoy is a parody of the word Animatronic.

By: Roc.

Skin Color

Alicia's eyes are brown, Her face is brown and her nose is brown,her hands are brown, legs are brown but her lips are yellow.


Alicia turned into Candace in T-o-s that personality is first shown in Roc's Life.

By: Roc.

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