Alik is the smallest of the four territories, and is ruled by Princess Terra.



The economy in Alik is booming, as it is the only territory that encourages, much less allows, free trade. This causes envy in the other territories, which occasionally leads to small-scale wars. Alik is also the only country that has never lost in a major war, although it has lost small-scale wars on multiple occasions.


Alik was the first of the territories to be established, and once was the largest. After many years without a leader, however, the other territories freely took land from the starving people. Once Princess Terra was throned, she stopped the other territories from thefting land that was rightfully theirs, but could not achieve her goal of building Alik to its former size. The Princess rebuilt the economy and made free trade the way of the land.


Alik only consists of two high races, humans and elves, and one low race, Clemms. Alik is the only territory where Clemms are treated more like pets than slaves. Humans make up the majority of the population, while the Princess herself is an elf. No one is aloud to leave or enter Alik due to hostility from the other three territories.

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