Alinta is group of islands in the very north-west of the Northern Continent. The capital is Scepensteht.

Alinta's debut was during the fifth installment of the NSC.

Alinta at NSC

NSC 1 - NSC 4

No participation


Alinta chose their entry internally as they decided to join NSC almost at the last minute and there was not enough time to hold a National Final. A group of composers decided to pick an unknown name. The Singer Lamya who was born in Oman was the first person to represent Alinta at the NSC. She performed the song "Empires" from the 3rd slot. Unfortunately the song did not do well and only ended up in an disappointing 19th place out of 24 entries. However, Lamya and Alinta were very satisfied with her performance and knew that the song was very risky.


For the first time Alinta held a National Final hoping for a better result. A lot of songs were submitted but only three of them were selected to perform.

Draw Artist Song Results Rank
1 Josh Gracin Nothin' to lose 9% 3
2 Carrie Underwood Before he cheats 72% 1
3 No Angels The Reason 18% 2

A clear result for Carrie Underwood. She was the artist picked to represent Alinta. She performed in the Semi-Final in the 12th slot. Unfortunately Carrie just missed out the ticket to the Finals end ended up in a 13th place.


Alinta maintained the same selection process as the year before. Three different songs were introduced to the viewers and they would decide by televote on who would be the winner.

Draw Artist Song Results Rank
1 No Angels Daylight in your eyes 13% 3
2 Lemon Ice Only you 47% 1
3 Roger Cicero Zieh die Schuhe aus 40% 2

It ended up in a close race between Lemon Ice and Roger Cicero. By a small margit it was Lemon Ice in the end who won the National Final and the ticket to the NSC07. Roger Cicero was very satisfied with his performance and result and he indicated that he might be back to try out again to represent Alinta. Lemon Ice will perform in the Semi-Finals hoping to qualify for the big Final.

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