The Cast

  1. Alissa Is Role Play By Cinderella.Alissa Is 5-Year-Old With Her Widowed Father And After He Died.Now Alissa Is 8-Year-Old Child.She Is Working As A Scullery Maid In Her Own Home For Her Cruel Stepmother And Her Two Stepsisters,Anna And Bella.Her Friends Are The Mice And The Birds Who Live In The House As Well,Including Juliet And Bonnie.She Prepares Breakfast For The Animals And Then For Her Family,And Then Begins Her Regular Chores.An Invitation To The Ball At The Door,And Her Stepmother And Her Daughters Are Very Excited.Alissa Want To Go,But Her Stepmother Tell Her She Can Go But If She Finishes Her Chores And Finds Something Suitable To Wear.Alissa Is a Beauitful And Kind Girl And She Has Long Blond Hair And Blue Eyes.In The Beginning,Alissa Is 5-Year-Old Girl With Long Blonde Hair Tied Into Two Pigtails,Yellow Short Sleeves Dress,Purple Jacket,Black Flats,White Socks And Pink Bow Around Her Neck.After Her Father Died,She Is Now 8-Year-Old.She Is Sleeping On The Bed,She Has Prince Spencer Lionheart Poster On The Wall.Alissa Is Wearing a Loose Floor-Length Nightgown It Is Light Pink In Color With Pink Bow Around Her Dress.She Has On White Slippers Once She Is Out Of Bed.Her Long Blonde Hair Is Done In Braids Tied With Pink Hair Ribbons When She Wakes Up.Soon She Changes Into Her Servant Clothes Which Feartues A Puffy Sleeves Torn Pink T-Shirt With Prince Spencer Lionheart Front It,Pink Skirt,Pink Flats,White Socks,And Her Long Blond Hair Is Tied In a Ponytail With a Magenta Hair Ribbon.She Is Attend To Go To The Kids Lovers School.Then A Fairy-God Mother Appear And Alissa's T-Shirt Becomes a Shimmmering Pink Ball Gown With a OverSkirt Decorations,Strap Sleeves On Her Shoulders,A Gold Tiara,Diamond Earrings,High Ponytail With a Light Blue Hair Ribbon And On Her Feet Were Two White Glass Slippers.
  2. Spencer Lionheart Role Play By Cinderella's Prince Charming

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