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Aliza Kippleman

I'm Aliza Kippleman. My life changed four years ago when I met Orel Renjyi. We fell in love. Do I have to say more. That he was married at the time made little difference. His wife, was also having an affair and the marriage was over. I feel no guilt.

Orel is a go getter and maybe I am one too. I feel though that I am more the kind of person who has lived all over the place and done all kinds of things. I don't really regret my wild youth any more. It was too long ago.

I also don't regret not finishing college. I had some classes and learned some useful skills, especially with computers. I work hard and can make a living without a degree.

Likewise, I've never had children of my own and don't regret that either. Maybe I want a baby, but it's not the burning desire it is with some other women.

I think that is because Orel's boys came to live with us when we moved to Greenup to help start a business. The boys are great. Stasch, the younger one, can be a handful, but his medication keeps his ADHD in check. The older boy, Oisin (We pronounce his name "Oy-Sin") is more complicated. He wants to go to Harvard or Yale. He is serious about it the way some boys are serious about becoming baseball players or football stars. It would be comical, except college costs money and I don't think that it is all it's cracked up to be.

Oisin is good with his hands like his father and he doesn't forget his brains or his heart when he picks up tools. He also has a responsible and helpful attitude that will make some future wife proud. He doesn't need anything else if you ask me.

As for my days, I help Orel in the shop. I do computerized lay out, wait on customers, manage the books, and even unstuff the oddly stuffed toilet in the employee or customer restroom. I also cook for our family. With a big boyfriend and a fourteen year old boy in my household, you can imagine how much food we eat, and yes, I've got quite an appetite myself.

Greenup is a good place for business. I am glad that Orel and I are doing well. We get plenty of customers. They like our service even if our prices aren't always the lowest. We say yes to anything and usually our bids are reasonable. It's not easy starting over in a new town that is very different from the Great Lakes region, but there is opportunity here for those who will take it. I hope it stays that way for a long time to come.

Aliza's story begins here

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