In Alosian myths, Alkeo and Ira are off spring of Seelos and Faray. Alkeo is the god of joy, and her sister Ira is goddess of beauty.

Alkeo and the mortals

Alkeo is represented as teen holding a bunch of grapes. During his cult, venerators begin to dance in about-to-orgiastic joy, ripping out their clothes while pouring honey and wine over their heads. His cult is so strange it is banned in the most Alosia. He usually talks through his priestesses. It is told their priestesses have honey and wine instead milk in their breasts. Sometimes, Alkeo takes the shape of a cup of wine to enter the body of a woman, if he wants her to be his priestess or to make some kind of miracle.

Ira and the mortals

Ira can be seen entering into the souls of young woman to bring them vanity and uncontrolled pride. When a girl is really devoted to Ira, Ira can be pleased to grant her great beautiness and romantic grace. She is a little girl with wings of dove, a white torch and a silver tiara. When she is inside a woman, it is possible to notice a strange light at the eyes of the woman: That is the ardent light of the white torch of this goddess.

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