All Aboard! is the first episode from Season 7 of Barney & Friends. Originally aired in September 2, 2002.


Barney's friend Kami is feeling upset because it seems that she is always the last in line. To bring her spirits up, Barney lets her be the "conductor" of the group for a day and teaches his friends about the importance of a train's caboose, using the one in the park. Kami conducts Barney and co. through out the day and, among other things, gets the group to clean the caboose.


  • Barney
  • Mario
  • Scott
  • Angela
  • Kami

Song List:

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Pop Goes the Weasel
  3. The Ants Goes Marching
  4. The Idea Song
  5. The Caboose Rides in the Black
  6. I've Been Working on the Railroad
  7. Wave the Flags
  8. Laugh with Me!
  9. Everyone is Special
  10. I Love You


  • This episode marks the start of the show's Third Era (September 2, 2002 - December 13, 2005).
  • Barney has his Season 3 voice and Late 1993/1994-1997 costume. (except for the costume at the beginning, but his Season 3 voice is still there).
  • The Barney costume used in this episode was also seen in "Barney's Sense-Sational Day".
  • The Barney voice used in this episode was also heard in "Shawn and the Beanstalk".
  • At the beginning of this episode (after Barney came to life), the Barney costume from "My Family's Just Right for Me" is used.
  • This is the first episode to be filmed on the park set.
  • This episode marks the first appearances of Mario, Kami, Scott and Angela.
  • The Season 7 Barney and Friends set is used.
  • This and "Barney's Christmas Star" also marks the final apperance of Season 6 Barney Doll.

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