All Chalked Up - Cherry Edition is a Keegan episode.


  • After Ramona breaks the chalk, Cherry is offered a new set by a butterfly. She starts drawing some monsters that cause havok. Will Keegan and the others stop this insanity.


  • Keegan
  • Cherry
  • Ramona
  • Malachi
  • Naomi
  • Ramonita
  • Arnold (cameo)
  • Tommy (cameo)
  • Danny (cameo)


Part 1

  • (We see Keegan and Friends playing outside)
  • Keegan: Catch it, Malachi.
  • (Keegan throws the ball at Malachi who catches it)
  • Malachi: Got it!
  • (We see Cherry, drawing some pictures)
  • Ramona: Hey, Cherry! This is supposed to be a playground!
  • Cherry: I'm drawing some pictures so stay away from me!
  • Ramona: Oh yeah? (destroys the chalk with her foot)
  • Cherry: My chalk!
  • Malachi: Ramona what have you done?
  • Ramona: Oops! I guess i destroyed Cherry's chalk by accident.
  • Ramonita: Big sister!
  • Cherry: (whimpers, goes bubbly eyed and starts crying like a siren)
  • Naomi: What's going on?
  • Keegan: Ramona destroyed Cherry's chalk and now she can't start drawing things.
  • Ramona: Uh oh.
  • (We see Cherry in her room, still crying)
  • Naomi: (angry) What have you done with the chalk that you destroyed, Ramona?
  • Ramona: It was an accident, Naomi.
  • Naomi: (angry) You were marking your territory. Now that Cherry's crying you're grounded for good.
  • Ramona: Naomi i...
  • Naomi: (angry) Go to your room this instant!
  • Ramona: Yes, Naomi.
  • (Ramona walks sadly to her room in disgrace)
  • Keegan: Poor Ramona.
  • Malachi: Naomi grounded her for causing so much trouble.
  • Koji: Fair chance.
  • Keegan: Koji!
  • Koji: I see that your girlfriend's crying like a baby. Even your older sister got grounded for breaking her chalk.
  • Keegan: This isn't fair, Koji. I'm very angry that Cherry's crying.
  • Ramonita: (crying) My big sister too.
  • Koji: If you keep whining, Keegan, i'll break your head!
  • Keegan: Help! Naomi!
  • Naomi: What's wrong, Keegan?
  • Keegan: Koji's going to hurt me.
  • Naomi: Koji! How many times do i tell you not to hurt my son.
  • Koji: Oops!
  • Cherry: (crying loudly)
  • Keegan: It's Cherry!
  • Ramonita: It's coming from her room. Come on!
  • Keegan: What's the matter, Cherry?
  • Cherry: (teary eyed) It's not fair! Ramona broke my chalk and now i can't start drawing things.
  • Naomi: Come on, Cherry. I know that you were a crybaby.
  • Cherry: (screams, cries loudly and snuggles up to Naomi)
  • Naomi: Aww. Don't cry, Cherry.
  • Ramonita: (bursts to tears) Ramona!
  • Ramona: Huh? Ramonita!
  • (Ramona runs up to her little sister and grabs her)
  • Ramona: There, there. Stop crying. (crying) I'm the one who oughta be crying.
  • Keegan: I guess i have to find a new set for Cherry.
  • Koji: I'm coming with you.
  • Keegan: Right.
  • Koji: We'll be back to find a new set of chalk.
  • Malachi: Wait for me!
  • Naomi: Here it goes again.
  • (

Part 2

Part 3

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