Based on the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven.

  • Sonic as Charlie
  • Chip as Itchy
  • Cream as Anne-Marie
  • Cheese as her doll
  • Scourge as Carface
  • A random dog character as Killer
  • Bunnie as Stella Dallas
  • Antoine as Sir Reginald
  • Big as Chawhee
  • Sonia as Flo
  • Manik, Sonya, and random hedgehog characters as the puppies
  • Mina as Anabelle
  • Shadow as the Demon
  • My best friend SuperMissle's character James as Harold
  • Vanilla as Kate
  • Vector as King Gator
  • Tails as David
  • Sally as Sasha
  • Mephiles as Red
  • Amadeus and Rosemary as David's parents

No flames or spams.

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