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Thomas Parody

Thomas-Harry Potter

Edward-Mr. Nervous (Mr. Men)

Henry-Strong Mad (Homestar Runner)

Gordon-Spongebob Squarepants

James-Chowder (Chowder)

Percy-AJ (Fairly Odd Parents)

Toby-Pear (Annoying Orange)

Duck-Sid the Science Kid (Sid the Science Kid)

Donald-Gerald (Sid)

Douglas-Charlie Brown (Peanuts)

Oliver-Mr. Topsy Turvy (Mr. Men)

Diesel-Winter Warlock (Santa Claus)

Daisy-May (Sid)

Annie-Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)

Clarabelle-Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)

Bill-Mr. Greedy (Mr. Men)

Ben-Cookie Monster (Sesame Street)

Emily-Hermione (Harry Potter)

Hiro-RC (Razzberry Jazzberry Jam)

Victor-Homestar Runner

Kevin-Homsar (Homestar Runner)

TUGS Parody

Ten Cents-Harry Potter

Sunshine-Pingu (Pingu)

OJ-Waluigi (Mario Brothers 2)

Big Mac-Mr. Nosey (Mr. Men)

Warrior-Gonzo the Great (Muppets)

Top Hat-Mr. Perfect (Mr. Men)

Zorran-Squdward (SpongeBob)

Theodore Tugboat Parody

Theodore-Elmo (Sesame Street)

Foduck-Strong Bad (Homestar Runner)

The Dispatcher-Mr. Grumble (Mr. Men Show)

Hank-Ron (Potter Puppet Pals)


Lucy-Lucy (Peanuts)

Emily-Rarity (My Little Pony)

Filmore-Snow Miser (The Year Without A Santa Clause)

Phillip-Heat Miser (TYWASC)

Mr. Men Show Parody

Mr. Happy-Schroeder (Peanuts)

Mr. Fussy-Eugene (SpongeBob)

Mr. Grumpy-Voldemort (PPP)

Mr. Stubborn-Burgermeister Meisterburger (Santa Claus)

Mr. Tickle-Noddy (Make Way For Noddy/Say It With Noddy)

Mr. Bump-Mailbox (Blue's Clues)

Mr. Clever-Dumbledore (HP)

Mr. Daydream-BJ (Barney)

Mr. Scatterbrain-Floyd (The Muppets)

Mr. Rude-The Grinch

Mr. Mean-Hades (Disney)

Mr. Greedy-Homer (Simpsons)

Mr. Grumble-Oscar (SS)

Sesame Street Parody

Big Bird-Animal (Muppet Show)

Snuffy-Gaston (Hercules)

Elmo-Mr. Happy (Mr. Men)

Ernie-Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men)

Bert-Mr. Grumpy (Mr. Men)

Cookie Monster-Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Grover-Homestar Runner

Oscar the Grouch-Voltar (LOSE)

Telly Monster-Scaredy Squirrel

Baby Bear-Howie (Almost Naked Animals)

Zoe-Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time With Finn And Jake)

The Count Von Count-North Wind (Warner Brothers/Cuppa Coffee)

Rosita-Kiki (Fresh Beat Band)

Herry Monster-Shrek

Frazzle-No Heart (Care Bears)

The Shrimp-Muttley

Benny Rabbit-Dick Dastardly (Wacky Races Cartoons)

Fat Blue Muppet-Charlie Brown (Peanuts)

Biff-Bob the Builder


Santa-Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

Mrs. Clause-Jessica (WFRR)

Snow Miser-Howie (ANA)

Heat Miser-Bun Bun (The Grim and Evil)

Snowmiser Minions-Pum Pum, Baby and Baby Ruby with Babies Perry, Candace and Pom Pom as extras (Baby)

Heatmiser Minions-Mickey Mouse, Mr. Small, Chowder, Little Bird and Mr. Pickle with Midget Apple (Disney, Mr. Men, Chowder, Sesame Street, Happy Tree Friends Web Movies, Annoying Orange Webisodes)

Jangle-Mr. Skinny (Mr. Men)

Jingle-Mr. Greedy (Mr. Men)

== Snow White and The 7 Dwarves Parody

(No Phineas and Ferb) (No Baby)==

Doc-Wisdom Tooth (Chowder)

Grumpy-Kyle the Conjurer (Fanboy and Chum-Chum)

Happy-Howie (Almost Naked Animals)

Sleepy-Pete (Mickey Mouse)

Sneezy-Homsar (Homestar Runner)

Bashful-Mr. Jelly (Mr. Men)

Dopey-O (Alphablocks)

Pooh Parody

Pooh-Lammy (HTF)

Piglet-Mr. Pickle (HTF)

Tigger-Pom Pom (Homestar Runner)

Rabbit-Mr. Fussy (Mr. Men)

Eeyore-Mr. Lazy (Mr. Men Books)

Roo-Boo Boo Bear (Yogi)

Owl-Mr. Clever (MMS)

Kanga-Little Miss Whoops (TMMS)

Gopher-Grumpy (Care Bears)

Beaver-Mr. Rush (Mr. Men)

Woodpecker-Scout (TF2)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Parody

Mickey-Howie (ANA)

Minnie-Poodle (Almost Naked Animals)

Donald Duck-Mr. Rude (Mr. Men)

Daisy-Marzipan (Homestar)

Goofy-Yoda (Starwars)

Pluto-Scooby Doo (SD)

Pete-Mr. Lazy (MMALM)

Huey-Mr. Small (MM)

Dewy-Chowder (CWDR)

Louie-Mr. Mischief (MMLM)

Ludwig-Dumbledore (HP)

Team Fortress 2 Parody

The Scout-Lightning McQueen (Cars)

Heavy-Mr. Noisy (Mr. Men Show)

Soldier-Ernie (Sesame Street)

The Engineer-Mr. Greedy (Mr. Men)

Pyro-Mater (Cars)

Medic-Mr. Nervous (Mr. Men)

Sniper-Rabbit (Pooh)

Demoman-Gonzo the Great Weirdo (Muppets)

Spy-Tubby the Tuba (Tubby The Tuba)

South Park Parody

Cartman-Mr. Mean (Mr. Men)

Kyle-Rex (Toy Story 2)

Stan-Blue (Power Rangers)

Kenny-Wile E Coyote (Loony Tunes)

Wendy-Blue (Blue's Clues)

Mr. Garrison-Abe (Simpsons)

Mr. Hankey-Sam (RTRNR)

Harry Potter Parody

Harry-Thomas (TTTTEAF)

Ron-Percy (TTTE)

Hermione-Emily (TTTE)

Dumbledore-King (HSR)

Snape-Mr. Rude (MMS)

Voldemort-The Grinch (Dr. Seuss)

Neville-Mr. Topsy-Turvy (Mr. Men)

Hagrid-Clifford (CTBRD)

Draco-Eddy (EENE)

Cedric-Jermey (PnF)

Ginny-Little Miss Bad (MMLM)

Luna-Candace (Phineas and Ferb)

Colin-Mickey Mouse (MMC)

Family Guy Parody

Peter-Mr. Wrong (Mr. Men)

Lois-Lisa (Simpsons)

Chris-Mr. Mischief (MMS)

Meg-Lulu (SS)

Stewey-Prof. Hinkle (Frosty)


Simpsons Movie Parody

Homer-Ron (PPP)

Marge-Hermione (HPATDH)

Bart-Mr. Noisy (MMS)

Lisa-Isabella (PnF)

Maggie-Baby (Karen B. Jones)

Mr. Burns-Grumpy Bear (Care Bears)

Nelson-Mr. Rude (MMLM)

Willie-Heat Miser (Rankin/Bass)

Moe-Mr. Grumble (MMALM)


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