Allansia is both a continent and a region of that continent in the northern hemisphere of Titan.

The great continent lying far to the north west of Khul, and separated from it by the great Ocean of Tempests. The term also applies to a populous area of the north west of the continent. Like Khul, Allansia is wondrous in its variety of cultures, terrains, and climates, but also in parallel with Khul is Allansia’s history of devastating wars whose legacies exist most acutely today.

The Land of Danger as it sometimes called, may offer the greatest prizes for a daring, ambitious adventurer, but it also offers the greatest dangers. Throughout the land, the Forces of Evil are drawing together, growing ever stronger. In the north, corrupt humans bring forth wild magic into the world, knowing little of what they are really doing; and creatures are stirring in the southern swamps, things that will ultimately affect all of Allansia. - Titan, 284AC, The Year of the Fox.[Titan]

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