Allegra's Window: Play Along With Allegra and Friends:

1. Paramount Means Family Entertainment

2. Nick Jr. Cats Bumper

3. Nick Jr. Face Shushes

4. Face Starts A Short "Joey's Lunch: Tango"

5. Nick Jr. Face Looks Through A Kaleidoscope

6. Allegra's Window Videos (1996)

7. Paramount Feature Presentation

8. Paramount Home Video

9. Nick Jr. We Play To Learn (1997)

10. Nick Jr. Game Board Bumper

11. Nick Jr. Face Looks Out His Window (Allegra's Window Version)

12. Face Starts the Episode "Play Along With Allegra and Friends"

13. Nick Jr. Face Sings A Waiting Song (Amby and Daxter Version)

14. Face Starts A Short "Amby and Daxter: Shotch Tape"

15. Nick Jr. Face Tries Out Different Ways To Say "Hi!" (Pink Panther Version)

16. Face Starts the Cartoon Short "Pink S.W.A.T."

17. Nick Jr. Face Sings His Very Very Short Goodbye Song

18. Allegra's Window Credits

19. Topstone Productions Logo

20. Jumbo Pictures Logo

21. Nick Jr. Catch Ident

22. Nickelodeon Jack Logo

23. Paramount Home Video Logo

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