Allegra LaMarche is the main protagonist appearing in Time Bomb Teenagers. She has short brown hair in a straight bob and blue eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a green long sleeved shirt, purple skirt, red and black striped longstockings and black dress shoes. She is voiced by Tara Strong. At her age, she is 13 years old. In years later, as a full adult, her outfit is composed of: a gray long sleeved shirt, black miniskirt, tan pantyhose, black high heels and has blue earrings.


  • Billie LaMarche (Mother)
  • Percival LaMarche (Father)
  • Marissa LaMarche (Younger Sister)
  • Norman Williams (Love Interest)
  • Daniela LaMarche (Future Daughter)
  • Justin Williams (Future Son)


  1. Being popular
  2. Proposing to Norman
  3. Going guitar solo


  1. Lena's rivalry with her
  2. The Rolling Fatale Trio
  3. Getting suspended from school by Principal Wheeler

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