Mr. Dizzy was replaced before Mr. Nosey & a Notekin talk each other. A smurf walks along to Stinky Peterson. Curious George & Boo Berry are replaced so does the characters from the good side of the trilogy.

TV Version/Uncensored DC

When Allen throws the paper to the sky, then the paper flew away, Allen sighed before that. Then, John looks at the paper that it says "Please, John. I'm your friend. And I can't do things like all stuff. Please help us.". John was opening his eyes and reads the page. John was confused about like Allen wrote about the survivors from the terrorist attack. John had an idea. He puts his shoes & he walks to Allen. Allen was all alone by himself. Then, he was shocked, but, Allen was happy that John was back. He said "John, you're OK!"

  • John: [walks up to Allen] Yeah, Allen. You did it. You made it tho Castle Sunshine. Look! I'm back to normal.

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