[Allen sneaks & jumps out of the bushes, his speaks to his walkie talkie]

  • Allen: (mocking a static) Roger.... um, in this Gumdrop bush, what happened?
  • Walyon: (holding his walkie talkie) Um.... a alien or a monster came here to eat all the gumdrop trees.
  • Allen: OK, don't worry. I'm going to find out what it was. [Allen turns the walkie talkie off, Waylon, Gregory, Dayven, Cory, Sarah & Daymeion walk creepily to the gumdrop forest, Gregory ate the gumdrop, and Gregory spits out for three times]
  • Gregory: Ewwwwww..... That's not a monster, it's gumdrops. Ew..... disgusting.
  • Waylon: Calm down, Gregory. You should know that, OK?
  • Gregory: How come you-- go to the gumdrop forest as a known lot?
  • Waylon: Everyone else was dead in there. Or not. [they sneak again, creepily, a black guy run fast, Gregory sweats]
  • Gregory: (to Waylon) Did you hear that?
  • Waylon: Don't worry, I'll use my flashlight. [Waylon clucks the flashlight on, it was a leprechaun]
  • Waylon: (gasps) Look, it's a leprechaun.
  • Leprechaun: Hello, I got some good news.... There is going to be a slumber party.
  • Gregory: (angrily) Is this bad? Awww.... crap!!!!
  • Waylon: Come on, Gregory. It's not that bad, isn't it?
  • Gregory: No.
  • Leprechaun: Don't worry, you got to go to the land. It's called: BOOMERANG.... DISNEY.... PBS.... NICK.... NETWORK. (echo)
  • Gregory: I still don't believe this. I'm so scared.
  • Allen: (walks up to Gregory) Hey, guys. (screams) What's that?
  • Gregory: It's a leprechaun, you IDIOT!!!!
  • Leprechaun: Don't worry, March makes gold. So, go back to the T.V., then, go back in T.V., with Allen's magic wand.

Waylon: PK, let's go, guys.

Allen's House

  • Allen: OK, guys. Here's what. We use our magic wands, then, g back in T.V., is that a deal?
  • Gregory: Actually, I'm not going, I gotta sta with my friends to invite my "SUPERDUDE UNKNOWN THE GREATEST T.V. THAT IT WAS FUN."


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